Organically grown tomatoes in trug

Peak Bruschetta

Finally, enough big tomatoes! We have had a grafted sweet100 giving us buckets of little tomatoes since November, but I was late getting the big toms in so we have been on Bruschetta rationing until now.
Big orange tomato saved seed organically grown

I like bruschetta to have one thick slice of raw tomato covering a full piece of sourdough toasted on the barbecue with olive oil and balsamic, topped with basil and Parmesan. This is the best way to appreciate the lovely patterns on the inside of these big tomatoes, but it’s very messy to eat.

tomato seedlings

Tomato transplanting, it begins

I arrived last Friday at the end of the day and the Moonglow tomatoes clearly needed transplanting. Their roots were small but their tops were tangling together. There was an extra hour of daylight thanks to daylight saving so I got into it and transplanted about 50 seedlings into separate pots.

I start to feel like the magician’s apprentice at this time of year, no sooner have I transplanted one flat of seedlings the next one is needing attention, and as I finish the last flat the first lot of small pots need to go into bigger pots, and so on. It’s not going to stop until I get everything into the ground sometime in November.

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Tomatoes seedlings

Seeds are up, and more chiles on the hot pad

The Moonglow and Golden Grape tomatoes are up in the greenhouse. These are the special healthy orange tomatoes; I saved seed from them last year. They are good for you to eat raw, they don’t need cooking to have good levels of lycopene. The golden Grape are small in every way, the seeds are small, and the seedlings are tiny compared to the Moonglow.

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Passion fruit

Rain and new plants

It’s Friday night, and there was 44 mm of rain in the rain gauge. Lots to do so a quick list.

-transplant stock seedlings from where they have grown in the garden
-review autumn seeds, plant kale and others
-transplant self sown lettuce and red silverbeet
-plant daffodils, liriope and coral bells
-divide and transplant red hot pokers
-divide and transplant salvia uliginosa
-dig up comfrey and plant more mustard and lupins
-take cuttings of pink penstemons and mauve
-divide any other perennials

We picked up 10 bags of organic chicken poo on the way. There was a bit of a mixup in collection, so I got the chance to stop at a ‘wholesale plants’ place while we waited. I got lots of plants of Liriope and Heuchera. I think the Liriope is ‘Muscari’ – it was called ‘Muscat’, and I think the Heuchera is ‘Sanguina’ although the sign seemed to say ‘Strangler’. These are pretty pot bound and have Oxalis in them so I am pulling them apart into small plants and cleaning them out before planting them with the daffodils.

I have found a good orange tomato and have the seeds fermenting in a jar on the windowsill along with passion fruit seeds.

The passion fruit plant is coming into its 4th year and is heavily loaded with around 30 or more fruit. It’s in a sunny but exposed spot, but well drained, next to a drain and a magnolia grandiflora and between 2 gravel driveways.