Seeds are up, and more chiles on the hot pad

The Moonglow and Golden Grape tomatoes are up in the greenhouse. These are the special healthy orange tomatoes; I saved seed from them last year. They are good for you to eat raw, they don’t need cooking to have good levels of lycopene. The golden Grape are small in every way, the seeds are small, and the seedlings are tiny compared to the Moonglow.

There is a bit of a problem with the asparagus though.

Pea seedlingsAt first I thought I must have had some kind of memory lapse, forgotten I had planted the asparagus and then planted Sweet Peas on top. This is still possible,  but I also seem to remember putting some left over pea straw in the bottom of the flat, which I think is the likely culprit.

The peas are coming up in the garden as well. I will plant some snow peas this weekend. The ones coming up are Alderman Tall. I didn’t cover them too deeply this time, just a little compost sprinkled on top.

And I finally got the Poblano/Ancho chiles planted in town on the hot pad yesterday. These are also seeds saved from last year so could be some surprises there since chiles are more likely to share their DNA around.

2 thoughts on “Seeds are up, and more chiles on the hot pad

    1. I find that some end up a little hotter, some a little cooler – they don’t seem to change shape or anything or lose flavour. Maybe it’s like Squash, where certain varieties don’t cross.

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