Favourite plants at the end of September – Angel’s Fishing Rod and Mignonette

It’s Springtime, so I have so many favourites it’s hard to choose. All month I’ve been loving Freesias and Daffodils and Iris and the Plum blossom. Lately the White flowered Angel’s Fishing Rod has been waving beautifully in the wind and the Mignonette is smelling very sweet and is attracting bees.

Cistus ‘Bennet’s White’ has been a big bee favourite as well so it is a favourite of mine too. Erodium is another plant looking fabulous right now, it’s blooming all the time and makes such a pretty mound of greyish slightly fuzzy foliage. The seed heads are also cool like rows of little stork bills. And last and littlest the Euphorbia x martini is flowering it’s little tiny heart out.

Angels Fishing Rod whiteDierama pulcherrimum – Angel’s Fishing Rod – it’s the way it moves which is so attractive – it’s a bit like a grass in the way it moves.

Mignonette with bee

The Mignonette is a small plant but the scent is strong enough to catch my attention as I walk past.

Bee on cistus Bennets White

The bees collect pollen from the Cistus flowers but they also were spending time on the edge of each flower this morning, maybe getting moisture from dew?

Pink Daffodil

Daffodil “Éclat ” opens with its head down and gradually straightens up.

Erodium flower

Erodium flowers are sweet and subtle.

Honey bee on Erodium

The seed heads and leaves are a lovely shape and texture.

Euphorbia martinii cutting

Last and littlest this little Euphorbia x martini just grown from a cutting a few months ago has more flower than leaves.

4 thoughts on “Favourite plants at the end of September – Angel’s Fishing Rod and Mignonette

    1. Thank you for starting this meme and keeping it going. I have struggled to photograph the Dierama but am happier with these pics. I also like to see your spectacular autumn colours and quiet winter ones while we are in full on hot and busy summer.

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