More seeds planted and Kumara under way

This weekend I planted more seeds: tomatoes Bloody Butcher and more Beefsteak select, as well as capsicum Topepo, and coloured bell peppers. None of the seeds from the previous week had popped up yet.

I planted some more Kumara ( sweet potato or Yam ), and the ones I planted a few weeks ago are well under way. I have a good selection to plant, quite a few nice big ones are starting to sprout.Kumara sproutingI started them in pots on a heated pad. The larger ones will go to the greenhouse next week. The ‘tupu’ or sprouts are going strong – they are almost ready to plant if the ground was warm enough.Growing Kumara Sweet potato

By the time I can put them in the ground in November they will be long and I will need to take cuttings. I did this last year and the cuttings worked just as well as taking the whole shorter tupu.

3 thoughts on “More seeds planted and Kumara under way

  1. I’m interested in how you grow sweet potatoes; I find it hard to buy them in the shops here and even harder to buy ‘seed’. Maybe I’ll have to buy them when I see them and save them until it is time to grow them on. what growing conditions do they need?

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