bouquet with acidanthera gladiolus callianthus

In a Vase on Monday – Acidanthera and Anemone

Of the new plants I’ve grown this year, the bulbs formerly known as Gladiolus callianthus have been one of my favourites. I prefer the name callianthus or Gladiolus  murialae to Acidanthera – but in any case they blend in nicely with other plants in the garden and are beautifully scented. They are graceful, although like lillies the spent blooms remain hanging on the plant unless removed.

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acidanthera dahlia coreopsis tropical milk weed cut flowers

In a Vase on Monday – all sorts

I actually planned my vase this week, but I didn’t follow the plan, and then my next plan didn’t work out. I was going to make a vase with Magnolia grandiflora. The big white blossoms have been catching my attention with their lemony exotic scent as I’ve walked past. And then I discovered that the first of the Acidantheras were flowering. I’ve been waiting for these for ages. AKA Gladiolus callianthus or Gladiolus murialae these are related to Gladiolus but scented and triangular with a dark purple throat. Continue reading “In a Vase on Monday – all sorts”