In a Vase on Monday – Acidanthera and Anemone

Of the new plants I’ve grown this year, the bulbs formerly known as Gladiolus callianthus have been one of my favourites. I prefer the name callianthus or Gladiolus  murialae to Acidanthera – but in any case they blend in nicely with other plants in the garden and are beautifully scented. They are graceful, although like lillies the spent blooms remain hanging on the plant unless removed.

acidanthera gladiolus callianthus murielae

My double anemones have just started blooming. They look better in big clumps in the garden than in a vase I think, but they have a nice texture, like fine white cotton. I was picking them in the rain this morning – the remains of Winston which did so much damage in Fiji has brought us another couple inches of mostly gentle but persistent rain.

The foliage is a combination of all the vines going wild with the rain in my city garden : Jasmine, Trachelospermum, Pyrostegia,  Tecomanthe venusta, and the Wisteria which comes back from under the deck even though I removed it years ago, and there are a couple dark pink single Dahlias and some Salvia leucantha which I snatched on the way out the gate this morning.

anemone cut floweranemone double cut flower

The orange circle in the background is the neighbour’s porch light – the days are getting shorter. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn.

On the other side of the world Spring is coming to gardens and flowers to vases at Rambling in the Garden – maybe you would like to join in.


17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Acidanthera and Anemone

    1. Hmm, it’s either White Knight or Whirlwind I think. I can’t find any record of buying it. It was very slow to grow when I first got it but it’s really takien off with compost and the warm wet weather.
      Since the Acidanthera bulbs were new this year I planted them at different times so had a longer season of flowers. I guess I will keep buying some each year or will try to grow some from seed.

  1. Oh what an abundance of greens and whites – so lovely to see them all. It will be intriguing to watch your selctions changas you head into your winter. Thanks for sharing

    1. I’m trying to figure out the best things to plant for winter in the areas where perennials which die down are growing. I suppose I just need to look at traditional Spring flowering plants and cut them back in mid summer.

      1. I know what you mean – many of my beds are mostly just dry sticks, albeit with a few green shoots appearing from the base of some… 🙂

  2. What a marvelous flowing arrangement, with all the lovely ruffly Anemones and scented Acidanthera, and so many kinds of foliage, Cath. I hope you get to hold onto your summer for quite a while. I’m looking forward to my Anemones blooming soon.

  3. Thank you Hannah. You must be looking forward to the Spring flowering ones. I think the one called the Bride is beautiful although I haven’t grown it.
    It feels very autumnal at the moment with all the rain, although it’s still warm, but once this passes hopefully we will get a bit more warm dry weather.

  4. Such pretty delicate whites and fresh greens, looking quite whimsical in your lovely arrangement – hard to believe that you are heading into autumn but I expect the rain has given everything a new lease of life.

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