In a Vase on Monday More Lilies and Lovely Hydrangeas

My vases this week are a repeat of the last couple weeks in some ways. Lillies, because they just go on being beautiful and hydrangeas because these fading hydrangeas exactly matched the dusty turquoise at the center of the lily. Dahlias because the Akita Dahlia is finally making a flower that looks like the picture that made me want to order it to begin with, and just because there are lots of them.

hydrangeas cut flowers

The lillies don’t have a strong scent when you put your nose to them, but on a warm evening their scent mixes with that of the Gladiolus callianthus growing near to them and it’s pervasive and wonderful.


And the Akita Dahlia. Picked in the bud like this its more cream and red black than yellow orange as it is when it’s open. It actually looks more yellow in this photo than it is.

dahlia akita cut flower

Here are some of the mixed batch of cactus dahlias.

pink dahlias

Over at Rambling in the Garden  there will be more vases and very early Spring flowers.



22 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday More Lilies and Lovely Hydrangeas

  1. Oh! Cath, your lilies are completely gorgeous, seeing yours makes me long for mine to flower but that’s silly as then it would be summer. The Dahlia is fabulous too; what bounty to be able to enjoy at home.

    1. Thanks Christina, that would be a fast forward through a blur of tulips and daffodils and all the other Spring flowers. As it is the season is changing too fast.

    1. I picked the Akita because it looked a bit Chrysanthemum-like to me. It’s much nicer not quite open I think, and it stayed that way in the vase. The house is very hot during the day though so it only lasted a few days.

  2. Oh your cactus dahlias look just like a vase of sea anemones!! 🙂 And that lily!! Wow – something to aspire to, and as you say they pick out the unusual colour of the hydrangea heads so well. Thanks for sharing Cath

  3. Oh, how lovely! Your lilies are wonderful, Cath! They do go well with the Hydrangeas. And your dahlias are a delight too! Thanks for sharing – so lovely to see such big blooms and bright colour!

  4. Your abundant clusters of lily flowers are magnificent, Cath, they must smell great. Lilies are such practical jokers, they lure me in to sniff then I turn away and have orange all over my nose! The Hydrangeas look wonderful with them. They make me long for summer flowers, and the pretty dahlias, too, the red is really intense.

    1. Thanks Eliza, they are fragrant, but not knock your socks off when you smell an individual bloom like some lillies. As a group though and with the gladiolus callianthus they really perfume the air.

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