In a Vase on a real Monday – Roses and Astrantia

It has been a real Monday. It was just me though, the world went well but I was away with the fairies. I blame the dark morning for my late and incomplete awakening, forgetting the camera and then leaving the fridge open and the alarm unset when I left for work.

Long story short my photos are taken with the phone, which did a remarkably good job in the fading light.

Graham Thomas Rose and Lichfield Angel and Iceberg cut flowers

One single Graham Thomas rose appeared on the new bush, which hasn’t thrived in the heat in spite of abundant rain. The Lichfield Angel is better, just beginning to flower again on skinny stems. Only the Iceberg is really going strong.


The last few Sweet Peas and Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ pick up the bits of magenta in the Astrantia. I love my small Astrantia plant, I’m going to get more and try them in different places. Artemisia is always growing over less vigorous neighbours, so is an easy choice for lovely grey foliage.


Inspired by the Spring flowers at Rambling in the Garden I’ve ordered lots of Spring bulbs this weekend; Peony Tulips like Christina has been including in her vases, and fragrant Daffodils as well as more Freesias and Ixia. I see this week Cathy is making bouquets for faeries as well.

19 thoughts on “In a Vase on a real Monday – Roses and Astrantia

  1. ‘Monday’s’ happen! Hope the rest of the week is better! Your Astrantias are gorgeous and are perfect with the roses. I’ve tried to grow it unsuccessfully, maybe I should try again.

    1. Thanks Christina. The one which is flowering is 2 years old and in the shade of some trees. It’s near enough to the door that I occasionally give it water, but I think the trees take a lot of the moisture.

  2. The collection of summer blooms is sufficient to ‘warm my heart’…and remind me that in a few months, the memory of this cold spring will be long forgotten. The way you have mingled the roses with the astantia and other blooms, is so pretty.

  3. That gorgeous Lichfield Angel again! And the pretty Graham Thomas too – both so lovely. And your astrantia is doing well, despite your doubts. Let’s hope your week improves – or perhaps just stay with the fairies and see where they take you!

  4. I’ve had Mondays like that! I hope the rest of your week makes up for its start. You vase is beautiful. I love Astrantia and wish I could grow it here but it hasn’t worked out thus far.

  5. Your Astrantia looks so complex and pretty, I wanted some and got one last year finally, but it didn’t make it through the super hot dry summer in an open exposed bed. Your roses are so pretty, I can’t wait for the roses to bloom again.

    1. Thanks Hannah, this one really suffered in the drought last year as well, even in the shade. On the good side, it seems quite happy to flower in the shade and the flowers look pretty against a dark background. I hope you get a chance to try again with it.

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