It’s really Autumn

It’s really Autumn now. The sun didn’t rise until around 7:30, and it rose just to the cold side of the big tree that marks East. In a few weeks we will have daylight savings and suddenly the evenings will be dark.

kniphofia opening

It’s been a sudden change; last week it wasn’t an issue that the shower in the greenhouse didn’t want to stay hot, but today we will need to focus on getting water pumped up to the top tanks to remedy this. Luckily the clear night which made the night so cold is going to be a turn into a full on sunny weekend so we should have lots of power.

autumn coming lillies and hollyhocks gone to seed


7 thoughts on “It’s really Autumn

  1. Hope you can get enough sun for hot water, especially now that fall is arriving. Over here in Oregon, we’re in the middle of welcoming spring back. I finally had time to spend a few hours outside and play. It was wonderful! Your lily photo is incredible – amazing colors!

    1. The hot water comes from simple gas water heaters which runs off a bottle of natural gas, and heat the water as it comes in to the shower or the sink. We pump rain water from tanks at the bottom of the hill up to tanks at the top of the hill using solar power, and then when we turn on the tap at the bottom of the hill it has pressure. When the pressure changes, as the tanks get lower, it affects the water heaters, and they need tinkering with, and it’s almost like they have to get used to the new pressure. We haven’t quite figured out the problem and it didn’t get cured by pumping more water this time unfortunately. 😦

    1. They do, although I think of it as a more linear than circular route, following the path of the sunrise and set back and forth along the horizon.

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