In a Vase on Monday – all sorts

I actually planned my vase this week, but I didn’t follow the plan, and then my next plan didn’t work out. I was going to make a vase with Magnolia grandiflora. The big white blossoms have been catching my attention with their lemony exotic scent as I’ve walked past. And then I discovered that the first of the Acidantheras were flowering. I’ve been waiting for these for ages. AKA Gladiolus callianthus or Gladiolus murialae these are related to Gladiolus but scented and triangular with a dark purple throat.

I also wanted to have some Rudbeckias in the vase, these are new for me and they look so lovely as we come in the gate. So I thought that the beautiful Neomarica  caerulia which has been flowering for the last 6 weeks would tie it all together.

iris neomarica caeruliaThis Walking Iris is beautiful but it didn’t last in the vase even long enough to photograph. It could have been my careless treatment, my water bucket was too small and it fell out a few times. In any case I started over and added lots more daisies and some Salvias.

daisies cut flowers

The daisies are Calendula, Coreopsis, Dahlia, Helenium, Osteospermum, and Rudbeckia. The Salvia are the sky blue Salvia uliginosa, and the purple Indigo Spires. There are also some tropical milkweed and Cosmos.

rurudbeckia osteospermum dahlia cut flowers

acidanthera dahlia shasta daisy salvia indigo spires cut flowersSince I’m picking the Sweet Peas every week I had another little vase of those as well, with the first rose on a plant I grew from a cutting kindly given to me by the owner of a B&B we stayed at a couple years ago.

seet peas in vase under plum treesweet peas cut flowers under plum tree

I remember the Rose are being white because there was a vase of them on the room where we stayed, however the bud was pink. The flower opened a beautiful creamy colour. It’s quite small, maybe 3 inches across at the most.

old rose unknown

And then I couldn’t resist the Rose which I think is Deep Secret, and the Otaki Pink, which I mixed with some Achilia ‘The Pearl’, a bit more Salvia uliginosa, a few pieces of a white Hebe, and some Artemisia. I didn’t have the right shape of vase – I will have to look for some taller ones.

cut flowers rose deep secret and Otaki Pinkrose deep secret with achillia the pearl and artemisiarose deep secret cut flower

We have amazingly had another 2 inches of rain this week, so everything is going mad, including weeds and mosquitos, but it’s fantastic. Over at Rambling in the Garden Cathy and those in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to welcome Spring.


24 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – all sorts

    1. Thanks! The Acidantheras are still looking good and smell nice (but subtle). So far they are just like Gladioli to grow. Right now I know I am just harvesting the energy someone else put in to growing the bulb, so next year will be the test. They have quite a few other names so you might need to look for Gladiolus murialae or callianthus.

  1. I’m very envious of your Acidanthera; I’ve only ever succeeded with them once and that was in England ages ago. I do admire them so maybe I should try again, any tips? All your vases are lovely, they make me feel that summer is here already.

    1. Hi Christina, so far all I have done is planted them, similar to the Gladiolus. They are in the new garden under the solar panels, so they got a reasonable amount of compost and weeding. I haven’t watered but we have had much more than average rain this summer. Next year will tell. I’m hoping they will do well without lifting.

      1. Oh, I see, well something to find out next year. I think I read that they are easy enough from seed, so perhaps I better leave a few to make seed :).

  2. The arrangements look great and remind me of home, I am from Georgia in the Southeast US where Magnolia and Rudbeckia are native. I was nearly run out of my garden by the Rudbeckia!
    I love the colors and sizes of the flowers.

    1. Oh that’s interesting that Rudbeckia go wild in Georgia. I thought it might be too warm and humid here for them. Mine are not going wild, but the small leafed one is doing well, the big one not so much, but it’s in terrible soil. I love Magnolia grandiflora – everything about it.

      1. Not too hot! I am in South Florida and I think it is too hot here. If you can find Goldstrum Rudbeckia, that was the best cultivar we had in Georgia.
        I was trying to remember if people cut Magnolia blossoms, I think my Grandmother did but they didn’t last very long.

      2. I had a friend who always used to float a single Magnolia in a shallow bowl in the centre of the table. I don’t think it lasted long but was intoxicating for an evening.

  3. Beautiful and vibrant (you could link this to the WPC challenge this week!). I love the tiny rosebud tucked into the sweet peas. You’ve inspired me to try sweet peas this spring, fingers crossed as previously, they weren’t too successful!

    1. Thanks Eliza, I’m over the moon with this rose. It’s been such an effort to get it growing – the hares seemed to purposely target it for pruning and it’s being swamped by a big shrubby wall flower. I couldn’t remember the petal formation, just that the petals seemed to be serrated. I see now that each one has a little point which gives a similar effect. I love the light green leaves too. I hope I can keep it growing, it’s a nice memory of the trip with our parents too.
      I’ve been so lucky with the Sweet Peas (and normal peas) this year – all this rain!

  4. You went wild with the vases this week, Cath! They’re all wonderful but the exuberance of that first one just takes my breath away. I’ve tried growing the Acidantheras here but wasn’t particularly successful.

    1. Thanks Kris. I did go a bit wild. That Deep Secret Rose(probably, could be Mr Lincoln) just has the most beautiful scent – rich, complex, interesting, strong but not cloying. I really couldn’t leave it and it’s nice to have extra flowers for my Mom’s room. The Sweet Peas don’t last long in this heat. What was the problem with the Acidantheras? I’m hoping that since some of the Glad family are weeds they will do well but won’t know until next year.

    1. Thanks Donna. It is hard to decide and they don’t all go together. We had a long weekend so I had extra time to make more vases. Although there was lots of other stuff to do, it’s nice to take some time to enjoy the flowers.

  5. Love all your flowers and vases this week, but especially the sweet peas as they signal warm weather and sunshine! The vase you have put them in is also very pretty.

  6. Oooo, I love to smell the Magnolias, a distant memory from my childhood. Your rounded lovely arrangement is so wonderful, all the different colors and flowers. The daisy shapes really speak of summer and warmth. I could use some of that about now, Cath. But there is hope for winter to be over soon.

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