In a Vase on Monday, Gladiolus

gladiolus cut flowers liquid amberMy first gladiolus, quite a bit more salmon coloured than I was expecting, but still pretty. It just goes to show, flowers look different in different places, in bud, and open.

gladiolus cut flowers sweet peas

I couldn’t really find the right colours to go with it at first, but the dark colours of oregano and dahlia buds seemed to work. A brown Salvia, Brown Owl, was another one which I found the colour difficult to begin with, but it’s dark purple bracts and strange brown yellow flowers seemed to work perfectly. Sweet peas echo the colour in the centre of the gladiolus and add scent.

sweet peas glads

I used Cosmos as foliage because my Cosmos which was grown from seed turned out to be 4 feet high and is drowning the orange tree it’s growing next to. It seems true that seed sown Cosmos grow better than planted seedlings.

gladioulus cut flowersgladiolus cut flowers sweet peasdahlia cut flowers
Cathy at Rambling in the Garden has a stunning amethyst arrangement today and others will be joining as well with Winter arrangements and early Spring flowers.

gladiolus cut flowers

21 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday, Gladiolus

  1. Your vase SHOUTS summer, wonderful colours and blooms, glorious. Very interesting about the Cosmos; I’m now not sure I will early sow in the greenhouse or if I do, it will be in modules so they aren’t stressed when I transplant them.

    1. It’s such a big difference it has to be more than just the extra manure for the oranges. The stems on these are almost half an inch in diameter at the bottom.

  2. What an intriguing selection of material you have used – but then again you always do! The different coloured middles to your gladioli give you more scope and you have found some great partners. The cosmos foliage is gorgeous, even if you do have too much of it! Like Christina, I shall sow my cosmos directly into modules this year as mine never to establish particularly well.

    1. The Cosmos are lovely, just twice the size I expected and in the wrong place. I think the extra manure for the oranges is also creating the great big stems and extra foliage.

  3. Beautiful, when we bought our first house, it had glads everywhere – after thinking they were really crass (pink and orange) I grew to love them and had many flower arrangements from them for summer parties. Your lovely vase brought back some good memories and made me wonder if I can grow Glads here! We grow Cosmos from seed here “Bright Lights”

    1. They always make me think of Dame Edna, but since Watsonias and Montbretias are similar and are weeds, hopefully they will be resilient. They are a bit like Cannas I think in the way they’ve been bred to be big and bright, but there is starting to be more choice in that area too.

  4. The Gladioli look great with the darker centers, and I like your darker colors with them, especially the sweet peas and mixed dark and white tiny flowers. It’s such a treat to see such exuberant summer flowers in the winter, Cath.

    1. Thanks Hannah, the flowers with the light and dark burgundy colours are the Oregano. The bees love them so much I feel a bit bad taking them, but I have quite a lot.

  5. EmilyTenwesteneind

    Beautiful arrangement! I’m excited about what you said about your cosmos. I will be planting them for the first time this spring.

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