In a Vase on Monday – Purples

Well, mostly purple anyway. Everything is growing now, in spite of or because of the rain. Anemones are producing continually as I planted them gradually, and they obviously had no appeal to whatever ate the tulips. Dutch Iris are still brilliant. There are still some Freesias and Geranium Narcissus for scent, and perennial Stocks.
purple dutch iris spring bulbs and cineraria
Poppies are out, and the Cineraria have been flowering for a while. I bought a mix and I love this almost white one.

Also in the vase are the first Columbines, some Ixia and either Tritonia or Spraxia, a few perennial wallflowers, butter yellow Marguerite Daisies, and Penstemons ‘Alice Hindley’ and ‘Burford Purple’.
cut flowers spring bulbs and iris

purple iris cut flowers

Thanks to Cathy for hosting, as always. Join in and post your own flowers, or just enjoy the collection of homegrown flowers at Rambling in the Garden.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Purples

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry I have been slow to reply, lots has been going on here. Some sad things, with C’s Dad very unwell, and some good things, like starting the barn build.

  1. So many of my favorite blooms are in your vase this week. Quite spectacular. Anemones are wonderful flowers–I should get some planted right away and follow your lead to pace them.

  2. Your vases are always such a surprise Cath, with what seem like so many cross-season combinations. Is it the cineraria that looks almost ice white? It’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such a bountiful vase

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