In a Vase on Monday – more Spring Bulbs

It’s been a wet Spring, and this seems to have lengthened the bulb season. Roses are starting to bloom, and we still have a few Narcissi and Freesias, and lots of Iris, Ixia, and Anemones. There is even one last Tulip. The Columbine are just starting, and Lily seedlings are coming up like grass in the humus-ey soil where I’ve retained the bank with old logs.
anemones poppies columbine and iris cut flowers

anemones narcissus Thalia Columbine and poppies

Thanks to Cathy for creating and hosting the Monday vase at Rambling in the Garden

20 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – more Spring Bulbs

  1. Your flowers are beautiful; it does make a difference if spring is slightly cooler. We had some early warmth and then it cooled down until mid May so the bulbs all started to bloom earlier than usual but then carried on for longer too – couldn’t have been better. Your images are a wonderful quality, do you have a new camera?

    1. Thanks Christina, it’s a consolation for the fact that I can’t even start digging the ground in most places, it’s so wet. Every weather condition makes some plants happy. I don’t have a new camera but I increased the image size – I had been shrinking them down quite a bit.

  2. You’ve no shortage of blooms this spring! You have me rethinking my decision to skip anemone tubers this year. I love them but they’ve never done well in my current garden.

  3. Oh, my, so much to love! Seeing your spring bouquet makes my heart sing as I sit here in autumn. That first photo with the purple anemone looks like Flemish painting. Ixia, N. Thalia, poppies bursting from their buds – all gorgeous!

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