In a Vase on Monday – Iris and Anemone

Dutch Iris are the most accomodating plant I have, I think. No matter how neglected and surrounded by weeds, they send up their waving silvery leaves in Spring, followed by tall clumps of flowers over a long time. But they don’t seem to seed down, so not a plant that wants to take over the world.
cut flowers iris anemone ixia freesia
I’ve photographed some tamarillos and an orange with them, both fruits which are coming to the end of their seasons. Tiny plums are on the plum trees now and the apples are starting to flower.

ixia anemone
Narcissus ‘Geranium’ is flowering now, it has a lovely scent. Pink Ixias were newly planted this year – I think the wet weather last summer killed off the ones planted last year. I’ll have to make a sandy place for them.
ixia and anemone
Head over to Rambling in the Garden to see more flowers and vases, and think about adding your own.

14 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Iris and Anemone

  1. The only thing I don’t like about the Dutch Iris is that they often flower when my bearded irises are also flowering; but I love them in a vase, they always look so elegant.

    1. I have so far failed with Bearded Iris, I put them in the wrong place and they rotted. One day I will make a better place for them and try again. I suppose they would look better apart from the Dutch Iris, the leaves are so different.

  2. It took a bit to realise that the ‘white’ blooms were anemones – have they really got a pink tint to them? The shape of your vase is great for displaying these blooms – I have so few vases with splayed sides like this. It is such fun seeing your spring blooms whilst we are heading deeper into autumn so thanks for sharing

      1. A pastel mix sounds really interesting. Even though I am busy in the garden it is good to be able to observe the onset of autumn around me – I know when I was working it was easy to find it had passed me by without me noticing!

  3. Ah, I always enjoy this time of year when my Antipodean blogging friends start displaying all the beautiful spring bulbs that I shall be enjoying myself in a few months’ time. I adore that little vase filled with such beautiful colours. I’ve never heard of a tamarillo though… is it tasty?

    1. Tamarillos are sometimes called ‘tree tomatoes’, which is sort of descriptive. They are tasty but quite acidic, with seeds larger than a tomato has. One of the nicest ways to have them is to blanch, peel, and slice them and then to cover with sugar and leave overnight. This is a bit of a hassle and putting sugar on fruit seems not ideal – but tastes great, especially with cream. 🙂 They also make lovely chutney.

  4. Those colours are gorgeous – love the beautiful irises and gorgeous deep pink ixias! Apple blossom time is a lovely time of year, but I am currently quite happy with our autumn too, despite torrential rain this morning!

    1. We are having our share of torrential rain too. Concrete pouring postponed again today. Autumn is a wonderful time, especially if you have crisp cold weather so the leaves colour up nicely.

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