In a Vase on Monday – mostly Salvias

Salvias and Chrysanthemums are the most prolific flowers in the garden now, and are beloved by the pollinators.

Salvia confertiflora made it clear that she would not share the stage with anyone in pink, so I have 2 vases, one with the pink Salvia involucrata ‘Bethellii’, ‘Boutin’  and ‘Mulberry Jam’ as well as the lovely scented rose ‘Nahema’.

salvia and roses cut flowers

salvia cut flowers

Confertiflora is accompanied by Rose ‘Abraham Darby’ rosebuds and my new Osteospermum ‘Teracotta’ as well as Salvias ‘Black Knight’, ‘Indigo Spires’, leucantha, uliginosa, and Mexican Salvia. There are also a few of the small leafed salvia flowers,  Salvia microphylla ‘Royal Bumble’. These are robust but slow growing for me, and are still relatively short leaving them prone to being overwhelmed by faster growing plants.

salvia flowers

‘Indigo Spires’ is large and floppy but manages to weave itself through other plants, and is a big favourite of many pollinators. Leucantha is the current choice of honey bees, where they often take advantage of flowers which have been pierced by bumble bees.

salvia indigo spires and bumble bee

A Wool Carder bee had claimed one area of Indigo Spires which is growing next to and through an ‘Ember’s Wish’, and kept harrying a Monarch butterfly which was feeding there as well. Both the Monarch and the bee had very damaged wings, seemingly causing them no issues with flying.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, featuring flowers from around the world, both Spring and Autumn.


19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – mostly Salvias

  1. What a lovely range of salvias – is the red spiky bloom a salvia too? The certainly add shape and colour to the vases – and do any of them have scented leaves too? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Cathy, the spikey reddish one is the confertiflora – it’s more that strange orangey- coral close up. Some are very scented, the Uliginosa is quite smelly but it’s flowers are such a pretty pure blue.

  2. Your second vase really does look autumnal, only to be expected, I suppose! The Salvias all work well in your vases; I’m growing some in the cut flower beds this year; sadly I think all my Indigo Spires died during our cold winter and I didn’t have any cuttings in the greenhouse this year; it’s a shame as it is one of my favourites.

    1. It is great, and easy to grow from cuttings – if the soil is good I often just poke it into the ground. Mine often falls over in the wind but still keeps flowering. I will take some cuttings in the greenhouse just in case of a heavy frost. Did you trim yours too make it bush? Mine grows in long strands all over the place.

    1. They were pretty much plonked in the vases – the spikes shapes are probably better as an accent than being the whole vase I think. I love having the Monarchs around.

    1. I suppose that could happen, although there are so many other plants around I imagine it would be a small component. I’ve put in a cover crop of mustard so that will be there for them in winter if all goes well.

  3. I still am amazed to see Monarchs naturalized there. Sadly, our populations continue to struggle. 😦
    I hadn’t realized how many different salvias were available. Yours are beautiful, Cath! I love them and wish they bloomed all summer and not just late. I plan on experimenting with a few more this year.

    1. Some of them bloom earlier in summer for me, I have a couple versions of culinary sage with big bright purple blooms and they are much earlier. The big leaved ones go earlier as well.
      I have a friend with a warm sheltered garden in the city and I have brought caterpillars from her garden every year when her many swan plants start to get eaten. (I have potted swan plants which I use as transporters) They seem to be coming back now, but are threatened by bugs and wasps and disease at my place. It’s glorious to see them floating around and lovely to see them drinking from the flowers.

    1. Thank you Rickii, It is getting on for traffic stopping as it’s growing out into the driveway and blocking the gate,. 🙂 But I wouldn’t be without it.

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