In a Vase on Monday – mostly Salvias

Salvias and Chrysanthemums are the most prolific flowers in the garden now, and are beloved by the pollinators.

Salvia confertiflora made it clear that she would not share the stage with anyone in pink, so I have 2 vases, one with the pink Salvia involucrata ‘Bethellii’, ‘Boutin’  and ‘Mulberry Jam’ as well as the lovely scented rose ‘Nahema’.

salvia and roses cut flowers

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Dahlias, Salvia, and Chrysanthemums Cut flowers

Autumn Copper – in a Vase on Monday

All weekend this smiley single Dahlia kept turning her face to me. I think this is a Keith Hammet dahlia ‘Mystic Haze’.

Single Dahlia and Chrysanthemums cut flowers

The first copper blossoms are opening on the chrysanthemums I grew from cuttings from cut flowers last year. The little green ones are still in bud.


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columbine canadensis

In a Vase on Monday – Ixia Giant Yellow with Columbines and Salvia

There is a wealth of purple at the moment, in fact there is a wealth of flowers in general now, as the days lengthen quickly and the soil is still wet. I considered a completely royal purple vase, with hints of regal gold, but in the end I really wanted to use the lovely giant yellow ixias, and I absolutely love the little red and yellow columbine Aquilegia canadensis.

cut flowers ixia salvia columbine phlomis

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