In a Vase on Monday, Chrysanthemums

Another borrowed vase today, a sweet tiny posy of little chrysanthemums on a table in a Vietnam restaurant. My excuse is unpacking, jet lag, and a full on day catching up at work. To make up for this cheating I have pictures of my own chrysanthemum cuttings from bought cut flowers.

Months ago when I was whinging about the lack of selection in chrysanthemums available to buy Christina suggested that I try taking cuttings from potted plants. I couldn’t find much in the way of potted plants so I thought I would try cut flowers.

After cutting off most of the leaves, I photographed the remaining flowers so I could remember what they were, but of course didn’t lable them. There are some alive in each of the 4 pots so I have some of both anyway. They are both quite small flowers, similar to the ones in the posy.


It seemed like a bit of a long shot that they would grow, since they had likely been sitting in water for quite a while by the time I bought them at the supermarket, but after sitting out in the rain for a few months they are definitely looking like surviving.


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for facilitating ‘in a Vase on Monday’ where you can share your own flowers or just enjoy others.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday, Chrysanthemums

    1. Thanks! I really thought that it might be a long shot, but I suppose chrysanthemums are very accomodating that way, similar to hydrangeas. I have had hydrangeas grow from prunings put through the shredder and spread out as mulch.

  1. Oh well done for this – the green one looks a bit like Anastasia Green which Sarah Raven has on her website and which I jad last year but it didn’t manage to flower 😦 LIke Christina, if I was only going to grow one successfully that’s the one I would like!

  2. I’m impressed that you successfully took your own cuttings, Cathy. But I suppose if I’d had no other recourse I might attempt the same. It’ll be wonderful to see them all bloom at the end of the summer!

    1. I didn’t use root powder, but just took sections of stem and unflowered side shoots as soon as I got the flowers home, and put them in pots of compost on the porch.
      They were bunches with very long stems so there was a lot of material for cuttings. About a third of them grew. I was a bit dubious – it was evening so the flowers must have been cut for at least a day or two.

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