Autumn Copper – in a Vase on Monday

All weekend this smiley single Dahlia kept turning her face to me. I think this is a Keith Hammet dahlia ‘Mystic Haze’.

Single Dahlia and Chrysanthemums cut flowers

The first copper blossoms are opening on the chrysanthemums I grew from cuttings from cut flowers last year. The little green ones are still in bud.


They have the most vibrant green centres!

Chrysanthemums cut flowersChrysanthemums Rust and Green

To go with these copper colours I pinched some Salvia ‘Black Knight’, ‘Indigo Spires’, and confertiflora, the colour of which I once saw described as ‘mercurochrome’.

Salvia confertiflora

All of these and my unknown white cactus dahlia, one Dahlia ‘Eveline’, and Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’ went together in an old copper tea pot.

Over at Rambling in the Garden there are Tulips and Spring flowers to light up this Monday, for me the first one after Daylight Savings ends, a sure sign that Autumn is here.

17 thoughts on “Autumn Copper – in a Vase on Monday

  1. A stunning result! I bought a selection of cut mums from the florist this year and am hoping to collect the seeds and try that way, but I’ll give the cuttings a go too. A great excuse/reason to buy a few more for fall – thanks for the inspiration and instructions from your previous post comments!

  2. That’s a great combination of colours, Cath, and the copper chrysanthemum is really striking. I am going to give hardy chrysanths a try this year – can’t be bothered wirh the less hardy ones!

    1. They certainly do last well in the vase. The ones I have so far did well over the winter. I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to take cuttings in Autumn and keep them inside.

    1. Thank you Eliza. I do really like that Dahlia, it’s quite a good mix of yellow, orange, and red, and looks nice with any of those colours as well as purple and blue.

  3. I love the color of that dahlia! I just received a delivery of dahlia tubers and my fingers are crossed that I get some pretty color out of them when late summer/fall comes around here.

    1. Oh, that’s exciting! I find there are few things as full of promise as bulbs and tubers. I was looking at a rumpled little paper bag on the seat of the car last week, and for a minute I didn’t know what it was, and then I realised it was ranunculus bulbs and suddenly the rubbishy little bag was replaced by a shining image of beautiful flowers and leaves.

  4. What stunning colours Cath – I would love to try chrysanths in my cut flower patch this year. That Dahlia ‘Mystic Haze’ has a name as beautiful as the colouring. We had a very cold winter here in France this year and I lost a lot of tender things – so rather envious of your glorious salvias!

    1. There are a series of ‘Mystic’ dahlias. They are all pretty but so far this is my favourite. Perhaps your salvias may yet come back – I thought I had lost one of my favourites, ‘African Skies’ but I noticed last week a few branches reaching out from under a patch of weeds. I will have to see if I can save it this weekend.

  5. I lóve everything about this vase Cath! The red Salvia and that vibrant orange Chrysanth with the green centre really bring the dahlia to life. How lucky you are to have a cooper pot to display them in too. 🙂

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