In a Vase on Monday – Anemones with other pastels

It’s been another lovely Autumn weekend. Thankfully my finger was healed enough to get a big size glove over it and I was able to finish my garden tidy up and bulb planting. The Anemones are wildly flowering – a huge row of them all like soft cotton pleats and ruffles. And the first of my random seedling dahlias has flowered! Although it’s parent was a rather garish raspberry ripple this one is a smaller soft lemon and white. Probably nothing for the show bench but perfect for me.

dahlia and pelargonium cut flowers

In contrast to the wild colours in the garden right now, I’ve tried to keep the colours soft and quiet so as not to overpower the anemones. Pelargonium Appleblossom Rosebud which I used to have years ago, and recently got again from C’s aunt, who has a garden full of wonderful things, is doing brilliantly under the lime trees, so I picked quite a few of these.

vase of flowers anemones

Achillea ‘The Pearl’ was flopping all over a suffering rose and looks much better in the vase, and Penstemon ‘Alice Hindley’ and ‘Hidcote Pink’ are just starting back into flower after a bit of a break.

anemones cut flowers

One Hesperantha coccinea ‘Mrs Hegarty’, as they are almost finished, and a scented pelargonium and lots of Artemisia because they are taking over.

anemones and penstemon with beeanemone flower with bee

Bees and butterflies didn’t miss a chance to make me feel guilty for stealing their flowers.

Over at Rambling in the Garden Cathy has Spring Anemones to my Autumn ones.

21 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Anemones with other pastels

    1. There are a lot of flowers right now, but they always do seem to rush in if a flower has been cut or a plant has fallen over, it’s almost like they know they have to get at it fast.

  1. Oh those soft pastel colours seem to be from a different era – and that pelargonium is a delight. Do you need to lift it in the winter? Thank you for sharing with us today

  2. Lovely and springy, for the fall. That Lemon Dahlia is a treasure and I wish I could grow it and some Artemisia here as grey foliage is difficult to find. I used to grow The Pearl and finally asked it to leave the garden because of the floppiness.

  3. I can’t complain when something flops or otherwise misbehaves. It relieves me of any guilt that might accompany cutting. Your headers are always drool-worthy.

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