In a Vase on Monday- Rain and Way Early Narcissus

I was envying all the scented Spring flowers that are flowering now in the Northern hemisphere, with the Calianthus finished the Autumn flowers are lovely but not so strongly scented. And then after 210 mm (8 inches) of rain in the last 2 weeks, up popped the newly planted ‘Grand Monarch’ narcissus and one or two others of the ‘Paper White’ type narcissi. These were only planted less than a month ago. Weird having Spring bulbs while the Dahlia and Salvia and Chrysanthemums are still going strong.

narcissus grand monarch

They go together well though, in a very simple arrangement with the one ‘Strawberry Hill’ rose, the lovely Osteospermum  ‘Buttermilk’ and some foliage from the Escallonia ‘Gold Brian’, a shrub which has doubled in size in the wet weather this summer.

narcissus grand monarch

I am a day late for the Monday Vase, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

13 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday- Rain and Way Early Narcissus

  1. Having had virtually no rain here for weeks and weeks I envy you the rain you’ve had. Amazing that your Narcissus have flowered so early – more or less when the northern hemisphere is still enjoying theirs!

    1. I am always grateful for rain ever since the couple of years of droughts we had a few years ago. I hope you get some before summer starts.
      In Auckland we have actually been short of water because the flooding caused trouble in the reservoirs, but no such problem at the beach.

    1. Some of my daffodil bulbs have not even arrived for planting yet, so a surprise indeed. Luckily there are plenty which haven’t started to come up yet, or it would be a strange Spring.

  2. Gosh, that’s quick! LIke Christina I envy you your rain, although she has had less in Italy than we have – although 8″ is a little OTT in a fortnight! No wonder you have seen such growth but what a mixed up autumn it will be for you. The buttermilk osteospermum links the white and yellow of the narcissi with the orange chrysanthemum and the green chrysanthemum would look good with anything probably! Thanks for sharing

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