In a Vase on Monday – Mixed Sweets

There are flowers still amongst the growing number of brown seedheads. Salvia and Chrysanthemums are still covered in blooms. A few Penstemons, a few Roses, and the last of the standard Dahlias are sprinkled around. Fuschias have flowered all through the summer and are still making new buds as well as fresh green leaves. The Hydrangeas are finishing gracefully in shades of purple, brown and turquoise.

Cut Flowers Autumn Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Roses, Hydrangeas and Fuschia

Guessing correctly that it would be dark by the time I came home tonight (not an amazing guess since the sun is down before 6 these days)  I photographed my flowers this morning before driving back. My vase is the benchtop compost bin which was just the right size.

Rose Strawberry Hill with Dahlias and Chrysanthemum

The varieties are mostly unknown, other than the rose ‘Strawberry Hill’ , Narcissus ‘Grand Monarch’, Penstemon ‘Alice Hindley’, Salvias leucantha and ‘Indigo Spires’, and the pink blossoms of Salvia involucrata ‘Boutin’, also known as ‘Roseleaf Sage’. This is one of my favourite Salvias, and I read here that it is a water-loving Salvia which explains why it is so large and bushy on the lower side of the driveway.

Hydrangea with SalviaRoses, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea, Penstemon, and Fuschia Cut Flowers

Head over to Rambling in the Garden where every Monday Cathy hosts a collection of vases from around the world.


24 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Mixed Sweets

  1. The short days are the worst thing about autumn, as often the weather is good and there are still lots of flowers as evidenced by your pretty vase today. Here it is full-on spring and it is light until 8 or so. The Hydrangea is particularly appealing in your vase, do you dry them?

    1. Autumn is a fantastic time to work outside, when it’s not raining. I actually enjoy Winter too once it’s started. Right now it’s a bit like preparing to jump into cold water though. I always have a sort of dread of this time of shorter and shorter days.
      I have dried hydrangeas once, however I don’t have all that much space to keep them.

      1. That is a great website, everything I want always includes moist, well drained with organic matter and partial shade. There is one sweet spot on my 1/2 acre! The search for Fuchsias is on.

  2. How do the salvias do for you? Do they overwinter OK? I am still getting used which I need to take cuttings from and when to prune the hardier ones. Your vase is a lovely colection of hangers-on – autumn can be quite bountiful sometimes ☺
    Thanks for sharing

    1. All the big Salvias overwinter well for me. Some of the smaller ones get drowned in the winter weeds I think. Before I had shrubs and trees for shelter and good compost I regularly lost my culinary Sage, just the cold wind and wet clay I think.

      1. I did dry them last year. I don’t have much space though and I usually can pick something fresh, so I don’t know if I will this year.

  3. “Mixed sweets” is a perfect description of this arrangement. I love the fuchsias and miss having some of my own – it’s just too dry and windy here to make them happy.

    1. Thank you. I only have a couple, and they are quite big and bushy. This one sometimes suffers from white marks on the leaves probably from thrips or something similar. They do seem to appreciate a rich moist soil and a little shade, so I think dry and windy would be a challenge. I lost my Flannel Flower/ Phylica pubescens this year which was a good sized bush, I’m sure it just got too wet. It has all turned red-brown so I will have to cut it out.

  4. Hi Cath. Your vase is beautiful and I love every single flower you have used! It is hard to believe it is autumn with all that lush colour and the lovely light in your photos! 🙂

    1. Thank you, the Salvia and Chrysanthemums are the mainstay now, until the Spring flowers start. Only a month and a bit until the shortest day.

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