Scent In a Vase on Monday

In amongst all of these beautiful colours a simple branch of perennial stock is adding a deep rich scent to the already intense scent of freesias, narcissi, and wallflowers.

I love the scent of all of these flowers but the stock is the most recent arrival so it’s getting my attention.
The tulips are still flowering, and newly out this week are Spring Green, Princess Irene,  Camargue, and Black Diamond. They all have lovely long stems except for Princess Irene. It’s quite possible that I didn’t get the ratio of compost to sand to rotten chicken manure right, or that the princess being in a cold windy place had a worse time of it.

Tulips, daffodils, tulips, Iris

Princess Irene is growing next to Black Diamond in the night time garden which has dark and bright colours.

Princess Irene Tulip

All the coloured freesias are coming out now and the last of the narcissi are coming in to flower.

Tulips,narcissi, freesia, Iris, wallflower

Spring bulbs cut flowers

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts this meme, pop some flowers in a jar and join in.

19 thoughts on “Scent In a Vase on Monday

  1. I seem to remember growing Princess Irene and finding it a bit short. You seem to have quite a specific and interesting growing regime! 😉 The colours are lovely and so redolent of spring too – can you smell the stock over and above the other blooms? Thanks for sharing

    1. The scent of the stock mixed with the other scents but made them better – a bit like one of those yummy dishes where you don’t taste any of the spices individually but the overall taste is fabulous.

  2. I’ve found T. ‘Princess Irene’ to be shorter than expected too so perhaps it isn’t your growing conditions. I’m so enjoying your tulips and other spring flowers, I was looking forward to seeing what your vase would contain today and I’m not disappointed.

    1. Thanks Kris, it is nice planting bulbs in Autumn, something specific to look forward to in Spring. I’m hoping to plant more Daffodils and Freesias this year.

  3. You have so many lovely bright colours Cath, and the light is wonderful too. I shall really enjoy seeing your vases over the next few weeks as my own garden slowly fades. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cathy,
      I’ve been having such a busy time that although I made and photographed a vase last Monday, I didn’t manage to get it onto the blog. Hopefully today :).

    1. Thank you, Happy Autumn to you too 🙂
      Princess Irene is lovely, although she didn’t have the long stems like some of the others, this could be my random making of the potting mix or depth of planting.

  4. Fragrance is such a wonderful dimension. We just discovered a wonderfully fragrant Hosta called ‘Venus’. Your bouquet is fantastic even without being able to smell it.

    1. I am keen to try growing hostas, especially the scented ones, as I get more shady areas. I’m a little worried they will be devoured by snails and slugs though.

  5. That’s a lovely spring vase – love the colour combinations. I’ve just bought some purple tulips which I’m about to plants – fingers crossed for them next year. Have a lovely week love bec

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