Asahi In a Vase on Monday

I wondered if Asahi tulips were named after a beer, for their lovely golden tones, but no. Much more appropriately it’s ‘morning/rising sun’. And they are absolutely stunning seen in the early morning with the sun shining through them, but I was too busy running until the sun was setting, so here they are in the last light of day.

Daffodils and tulips in vase

A couple years ago I planted 300 narcissi of different types, and the best thing about that is the variety of daffodils which flower over a long period of time.

Tulips and narcissi cut flowersAsahi tulips and daffodils cut flowersAsahi tulipFreesias and daffodils cut flowersDaffodils freesias calendulas cut flowersCut flowers photography sunset
As I caught sight of the house I realise the colours we chose  last time we painted are the same as the flowers.

Cut flowers orange and blue

Check in at Rambling in the Garden for more vases and flowers and consider joining in.

12 thoughts on “Asahi In a Vase on Monday

  1. The tulips definitely glow – and of your course the whole vase looks especially perfect next to the matching paint! It is so refreshing to see your spring bulbs from the other side of the world and it is great to have you with us on this meme – thanks for sharing

  2. Glorious daffs and tulips! My favorite is the apricot daffodil with the deeper orange-red cup. I love the color of your house, like a sunset. It’s fun seeing spring flowers when it is almost fall here, Cath.

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