In a Vase on Monday – Tulips!

I was excited to arrive back at the garden and see all of the new tulips out and drifts of Thalia narcissi under the citrus trees. Friends were having a memorial so I made one vase with mostly pale colours: Tulips White Liberstar and Camargue, Freesia Symphony, Iris Apollo, Narcissus Thalia and Early Cheer, Lupins, Scilla, Iceberg Rose, and Hellebore x sternii.

cut flowers memorial

rose and freesiaIris ApolloScilla blue bells and helleboresTulips

The brighter colours, Dynasty, Asahi, and Angelique came home with me.

Tulips Asahi

As I sit here enjoying the scent of the Freesias I’m grateful to Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) for creating the meme which inspired the purchase of the tulip bulbs as well as the vases.




15 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Tulips!

    1. It’s great for me seeing your blooms just at the time I should be planting them. 🙂 I spent much of the weekend dividing Rudbeckias, Heleniums, and Coreopsis. I just need to get some of those White sunflowers.

      1. It works both ways – and the ‘white’ sunflowers are not, of course, but I shall grow them again as they have flowered consistently all summer

  1. What a range of bulb blooms you have, Cath! I can grow Freesia but the rest generally elude me, or at least don’t survive long in my garden. I try tulips every few years or so, chilling them in our fridge for 6 weeks prior to planting to simulate winter, but our devilish Santa Ana winds generally take them out before the blooms open.

    1. Freesias are the best, such a beautiful flower and scent. It’s generally a long wet Spring here, which seems to be good for a lot of bulbs, although I can see that I will need some sort of walk in chiller if I want to keep going with tulips. Are agapanthus and hedychium strong growers for you?

      1. Agapanthus grow VERY well here – they’re even planted in road parkways and shopping malls and I inherited dozens with my current garden. Hedychium aren’t common (I have none), probably because they need more water than we can give. In the midst of our current drought, we’re especially dry here.

      2. I just wondered, as they are both so tough here that they are classified as too invasive to grow. The hedychium get into the bush and survive in the shade, they may not look so good in a drought though.

  2. How lovely to see spring flowers as we are preparing for winter. Something to spur us on through the dreary, cold months. I have just put in a big order for lots of lovely tulips and your vase has reminded me why I will thank myself next spring.

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