In a Vase on Monday – more Freesias

It’s a bit repetitive having Freesias and Iris again, but Freesias are available for such a relatively short season, and it’s so nice having the scent in the house.  I picked one Anemone as well, although they often fall apart in the car, however this one survived the journey. There were a couple Iris and a Black Diamond Tulip that made it through from last week’s vase, so I added these as well.


black diamond tulipfreesias-dutch-iris-with-mask

In Unpicked Flowers, I’m especially loving the combination of Princess Irene tulips with Anemone leaves and Osteospermum next to another pot of Black Diamond tulips in the  Night garden, so I took a couple photos during a break in the rain this weekend. In the background is a perennial Stock, and behind that, Scilla and Narcissi and Escallonia Gold Brian under a Ginko tree.


Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for providing the inspiration to pick flowers every week.

22 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – more Freesias

    1. Thanks Christina, I agree, Freesias are one of those things that have a short season, so I really appreciate them while they are here. The tulips have been fantastic this year – they seem to have kept going over such a long time. I’m glad I was inspired by your vases last year to try so many different ones.

  1. Here in the UK my bulb order has just arrived, so I need to thnk of planting soon – the downside of the whole process 😦 At least the tulips don’t need to be planted yet so i can spread the planting out a bit over the next month or two! I probably say every week how refreshing it is to see such bright spring colours from you when we are at the other end of the spectrum – and that little dotty vase is cute too. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Cathy, you remind me that bulb planting is always complicated by other jobs which need to be done at that time of year. When I’m ordering bulbs I never remember that. 🙂

  2. I adore those orange tulips! While they’re almost impossible here (and function only as annual in any case), your post is a good reminder that I need to pick up some more freesia bulbs and get planting.

    1. Yes, Freesias are the reward for having to work hard with Tulips. 🙂 I have one little patch of the old fashioned Freesias which will naturalise. It’s not easy to find them for sale so I’m trying to remember to split them up when they die down.

  3. Another wonderful Spring vase – love the colour combinations. I love frescias too but haven’t had much success growing them in soggy Manchester- will have to persevere.
    I’ve got some purple tulips to plant soon 🙂 I’ve got a ridiculous amount in pots so they often appear in my Vases – it’s coreopsis, dianthus, pansy and achillea this week, Have a lovely week 🙂 love bec

    1. It is ultimately soggy here right now. The earth just squelches when you walk on it. Most of my Freesias are either on the sunny side under Magnolias, or in a raised bed with a sandy soil mixture. I have some in pots too so I can have them by the door. I don’t think they would survive in the rest of the garden.

  4. Love both the header and that last photo! How wonderful to have the perfume of Freesias from your own garden. And your little vase with the dark tulip and anemone is so sweet too. 🙂

  5. Thank you, it works the same way for me. 🙂
    Freesias are African, so they don’t like frost or cold wet soil. I grow them in quite gritty soil or under shallow rooting trees. I think in a colder climate you can grow them in pots and keep the pots in the garage over winter.

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