Spring flowers in a Vase on a chilly Monday

The morning was so sparkling that I stopped for a photo opportunity while loading the car. It was -3 according to the new thermometer – it almost never gets this cold. In the greenhouse the poblano/ancho chillies are still producing. The lambs seemed happy enough – after weeks of rain and wind sunny and cold is probably preferable.

spring flowers cut flowers frost 900

There were a lot of seasonal firsts this week – the first Anemone, the first Dutch Iris, Eye of the Tiger, and the first of my new scented Narcissi, Avalanche and Geranium.

daffodil Geranium 1024

I have always loved the smell of Paper Whites but Geranium (above) is sweeter and more complex.

avalanch narcissi 1024

Avalanche (above) is a sweet little lemon cup.wallflowers wurmbea cut flowers 900

The shrubby perennial wallflowers, Erysimum, are starting their long bloom period. The lemon one flowers for around 9 months. The big hyacinths are lasting so long in their pots, and smell so sweet in the garden, but several had broken off in the wind so I salvaged them for the vase.

wurmbea and wallflowers 1024

It’s also the first time I have grown Wurmbea stricta or Onixotis Triquetia as it was sold to me (the little spike of pink and magenta above). A South African plant, it has settled in well and has been flowering for a few weeks now.

dutch Iris narcissi cut flowers 1024

I planted quite a few new Dutch Iris this year which are all lovely masses of silvery leaves right now, but the first to flower is an older one, I think it is Eye of the Tiger.

Over at Rambling in the Garden, it’s anything but frosty with the hot colours of mid summer flowers.

25 thoughts on “Spring flowers in a Vase on a chilly Monday

  1. It is such a pleasant surprise when blog hopping to come to a spring bouquet when we are still sweltering in summer heat going into fall. As our days are shortening yours is lengthening. These posies make me think of what I should be planting this fall for next spring.

  2. Thnaks for sharing the different early narcissi with us – good to see the differences. And the apricot hyacinth is something beacme more appealing the longer I looked at as it’s not a colour I would have considered before – perhaps I will add it to my bulb order… So refreshing to seee your cool colours (without the negative temperatures!) 🙂

  3. That’s a chilly morning for you! Brrr!
    Quite a few of your blooms have caught my eye: N.’Avalanche’ (I have ‘Geranium’ and adore its scent), I.’Eye of the Tiger’ – gorgeous color! And Onixotis Triquetia is delicate and lovely!

    1. Avalanche is gorgeous with more of the traditional jonquil scent. The onixotis is very delicate and not realising this I have probably doomed it to being overwhelmed by a nearby penstemon. I think I need to move it and add some more.

  4. I’m surprised that the bearded Iris is blooming when it’s still so cold there! It and all your spring blooms are beautiful. I’ve never planted the yellow-flowered Erysimum but will have to try it.

    1. Thank you, there are a lot of scents in this vase and to me the ones which are the nicest inside are the daffodil ‘Geranium’ and the yellow Erysimum. It has a nicer scent than the Bowles Mauve.

    1. Thanks for the Spring greetings! I’m in degrees C, so -3 while exceptionally cold for us may not be as cold as you are thinking if you are thing in degrees F, which is according to Google 26.6.

      1. Oh no, I’m a Swede, and is far less confused by Celsius than I am by Fahrenheit – I knew what you meant. Either way, it just didn’t seem like a temperature that jived with the kind of flowers you have in your garden. That was the puzzling part for me, but thanks anyway for the clarification! 🙂

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