In a Vase on Monday. – Spring Bulbs and Lambs

Arriving this week I was greeted by lambs on the lawn and the first of the ‘new’ Dutch Iris, “Autumn Princess”. I grabbed my camera to capture both before the lambs and mothers were ushered back into the driveway to make their way back through the fence.

sheep caught in the actsheep leaving reluctantly

The new Tulips are starting to bloom too, with Daydream opening a surprising lemon colour. It seems that the honey and apricot tones I was expecting only develop as the flowers age.
cut flowers tulip daydream dutch iris narcissusOne of the lime trees, the one which bears the brunt of the wind looks like it may not make it, so I have picked all the limes to take any further pressure off it.

Narcissus Geranium, Avalanche,  Early Cheer, and an unnamed Tazetta type with pale yellow cups combine with the yellow wall flowers to make a fresh perfume. A random orange cup, a yellow, and the first of the Thalias complete the Narcissi.

narcissi avalanche

The dark purple stem with white flowers is a Sisrynchium, and the foliage and green flower heads are Dill.

iris autumn princessdill flower
Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for continuing to inspire others to fill a vase of flowers to start the week.

11 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday. – Spring Bulbs and Lambs

  1. The pale yellow tulip looks gorgeous as it is, without any apricot or honey overtones!! It is always a pleasure to see what appears in your vase from the other side of the world – and limes! How exciting!

    1. The tulips are opening fully now and I would still say they are now a warm yellow, but when I take a quick photo they do look apricot. I can see why colour matching is so important for professional photographers.

  2. Those lambs are just darling! Of course, the ewes want to enjoy your fresh green grass. 🙂
    Your arrangement is so fresh and inspiring. Spring is a time of new beginnings both in lambs and gardens. Thanks for the lift!

    1. Thanks Eliza I’m enjoying having the sheep in the driveway – so much better than a mower. They have tidily eaten around all the daffodils. 🙂

  3. How lovely to see your spring flowers; with the heat scorching the garden here seeing spring in your garden gives me new hope to to wait for the autumn rains. Spring really is the best time.

  4. I’m not sure there’s a baby animal cuter than a lamb! Your spring blooms are delightful too. We’re getting toasted by another heatwave here in Southern California so your green hills look all the more refreshing.

    1. Now that there are quite a few lambs they get together and play – one will jump, very high, then a smaller one will try it – unbelievably cute. 🙂 I suppose it’s a dry heat where you are which is a bit more comfortable.

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