In a Vase on Monday – Lichfield Angels

I quickly picked these roses before the storm really wound up and put them in a bottling jar so as to take part in Cathy’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme at Rambling in the Garden. It’s the first year for this rose; it was only planted a couple months ago in the new garden below the solar panels. With plenty of compost, manure and rain it’s doing well so far and is covered with big round buds.

lichfield angel cut flower

I put some of the first hydrangea Blue Wave flowers in for extra green, although in the end I wasn’t really happy with the colour mix and separated them. The light was low because of the storm so I struggled to catch the full warmth of the colour of this rose, a rich cream with apricot hints.

english roses cut flowers



27 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Lichfield Angels

    1. Thank you Hannah, it is healthy, although I’m in the Southern Hemisphere so it’s only the start of our season. Plenty of time for black spot to come along I’m afraid.

  1. My sister’s partner was telling me over the w/e that he has just bought this rose – seeing it in your vase I can appreciate just how lovely it is. Lichfield is the next town town to us and the Lichfield angel refers to an Anglo Saxon stone carving of the angel Gabriel found a few years ago under the floor of the cathedral. It is over 1200 years old and still retains some original paintwork.

    1. Oh wow, I wondered what the name had come from. It’s great to now know. It has had better treatment than any of my other roses, so it’s not really fair to compare, but it certainly is thriving and growing quickly as well as looking beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I always seem to be taking photos when it’s getting dark, or raining. Probably because if it’s nice and I’m not at work I’m gardening. πŸ™‚

  2. So we shall be in for treats, as we watch what you post during the coming season. I love this rose, and also completely agree with your last post on Iceberg. Great photographs.

  3. Lichfield Angel is very beautiful, those half open buds are picture perfect. My Dad is a keen grower of roses in order that Mum has material for the house. So I shall buy them these for Christmas, so pleased I looked, great photos.

    1. Thanks so much, that sounds like a lovely gift, I hope they grow well for them! It was interesting to read Cathy’s comment about where the name comes from.

    1. Thanks Cynthia, it’s quite a big rose, about 4-5 inches across, but not as big as some of the florist’s peonies I’ve seen. Peonies are one of the things I wish we could grow. Humid summers I think, or lack of chilling Makes them unlikely to survive.

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