Spring Weather and New Garden Bed

It’s been pouring steadily all day. Rivers of water are running down the drive and puddles are forming all across the lawn. It’s 7pm and we have had 64 mm so far today, so if it keeps on like this it will be 3 inches by midnight.

Luckily yesterday was sunny and I was able to finish the general structure of the bed along the lower Dorothy path. I planted the Lichfield Angel David Austin rose which was languishing in its plastic bag, as well as some bits of Bilbergia nutans , some  Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, Thrift ‘Bees Ruby’ and a Euphorbia x martini grown from cuttings.

Other additions were a few (Regal?) Lilies left from the ones I grew from seed last year, divisions of Silver Lemon Thyme, Lamb’s Ears (Stachys Lanata), a rock rose liberated from underneath a daisy bush, a piece of Scleranthus biflorus which was dying beneath an Erodium, and a bright green succulent which I think is Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’.

I have to be careful not to shade the solar panel, which means unfortunately that I can’t grow a vine up it, unless it’s an incredibly well behaved one which won’t creep up on the panels while we are away.

Today I braved the rain for long enough to plant some Sweet Peas Antique Spice and Coriander seed next to the Lichfield Angel. I’ve mixed in lots of horse manure mixed with wood shavings, and the whole hill has been a dumping ground for piles of weeds while I’ve been waiting for something to retain it with, so the soil is not too bad.

For retaining I’ve used the last of the slices of Poplar. These were the difficult ones left to last because they had to be chain sawed in half to move them. That’s the last of them though so I’ll have to think of something else for the rest of it. The narrow bit where the path squeezes past the Olive will be especially tricky.

Next week or maybe the following I will put in my new Dahlias and Gladioli as well as a few more little bits and pieces like Pinks, Chives, and blue and yellow eyed grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium and Sisyrinchium californicum).

I also want something nice at the base of the logs which will grow out into the grass but not have to be mowed. I’m tempted to use Mint since it will compete with the grass, but it’s already taking over parts of the garden so I hesitate to plant more. The evergreen comfrey Hidcote is pretty and resists grass, but we have a lot of that too and it’s very pretty but really takes off. I’m looking forward to trying some different things.

4 thoughts on “Spring Weather and New Garden Bed

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