Stormy Weather

Well, it’s here right on time, the windy rainy storm that follows the tomatoes being planted out. I’m grateful for the rain, so far about 2 inches in the last week, so not a huge amount but it’s still going and it’s steady so it’s soaking in.

Even with wind cloth and stakes several of the tomatoes have been pulled out of the ground or broken off, however there are plenty more in pots and still about 125 in the garden, so arguably more than needed, even at the rate we go through tomatoes and sauce. The ones in the greenhouse have small tomatoes on them, so perhaps we will have some by Christmas. So far the pyrethrum and neem oil seems to have stopped the psillid damage getting any worse.

The greenhouse is full of small Chiles, peppers, and eggplants. ‘Little Hats’ (Bishops Crown) for smoking and keeping in oil, Ancho/poblano and Jalapeño for drying and smoking for Chipotle, and Topepo sweet peppers for eating fresh.

We have had bad performance from eggplant in the greenhouse so far, so I’m going to keep it in pots until it’s really warm outside and then move it out. I’ve also given it some lime in the pot to see if that helps. I did buy 3 different types of the long eggplant to see if I can find one which works better but so far they are still in their seed packs.

4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

    1. NZ is windy in general, being a long skinny island. We are a little sheltered from some winds because of being in a harbour. The tomatoes are in the most windy garden for this rotation, and some are attached by string to the supports, so when they are newly transplanted the string can sort of help to pull them out, if that makes sense. On the other hand without it they get broken off.

      1. Wow, talk about challenging gardening! The rewards are probably all the more sweet.
        Didn’t realize you were a Kiwi. Good stock! 🙂 I travelled with a group of your compatriots in the late 70s, one of which is still a friend today, settled in UK.

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