Babies in the House

Well, not exactly in the house. There are families in at least 3 of the bird houses on the hut, and 2 on the greenhouse. The hut is 3 m square and our bed in the loft is a slim piece of plywood away from the nests, so it’s a raucous experience waking up these days.

starling suspicious

This guy (girl?) has been coming back to the nest for full winter so you would think she might trust me by now, but no. I had the camera on the tripod quite a distance away, but I still had to pretend to weed while trying to take photos.

We are keen for these hardworking parents to put a dent in the bronze beetle population but it looks like worms are a more manageable baby food. These babies are still too little to poke their heads out of the house but it won’t be long before they will be fighting to get that worm, right now they are just crying.

4 thoughts on “Babies in the House

  1. Birds always know what is best for their chicks but later I’m sure they’ll decide beetles are a tasty option, although I think black birds (if that is what they are) always prefer worms or fruit.

    1. These are European Starlings which are different from blackbirds, but they may prefer the same food. I’n not sure if they eat the beetles or the larvae which live in the soil, or perhaps they just get them when they can’t find worms. 🙂

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