starlings eggs

3 More Starlings in the Clan

As the sun went down last night C was lucky enough to see the oldest starling family leave home. Whether it was because they were distracted by him or just lack of skill or both, 2 of the 3 babies flew into trees and had to pick themselves up before making it to the top of the ridge, closely sheparded by their parents. We waited for a while outside until it was cold and almost dark, but they didn’t come back.

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starling at bird house

Babies in the House

Well, not exactly in the house. There are families in at least 3 of the bird houses on the hut, and 2 on the greenhouse. The hut is 3 m square and our bed in the loft is a slim piece of plywood away from the nests, so it’s a raucous experience waking up these days.

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