3 More Starlings in the Clan

As the sun went down last night C was lucky enough to see the oldest starling family leave home. Whether it was because they were distracted by him or just lack of skill or both, 2 of the 3 babies flew into trees and had to pick themselves up before making it to the top of the ridge, closely sheparded by their parents. We waited for a while outside until it was cold and almost dark, but they didn’t come back.

I guess they were off to meet the clan and spend the night in the big poplar by the neighbour’s pond. I hope they didn’t leave early just because we arrived.

Earlier, we discovered the eggs in the photo; one was where it is in the photo and the other was on the grass beside the seat. I’ve seen shells sprinkled around the place, and seen the starlings emerge from the nest box with them and drop them further away, but I can’t figure out how these got here. They are very light, so I suppose they could drop without breaking, or maybe they were laid there.

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