Spring Posy in a Vase on Monday

I thought I would select flowers from what C calls the Coral Garden, a terrace where bulbs and smaller flowers grow under Plum trees.

thrift armeria cut flower posy

I started with Thrift and Blue Eyed Grass – blue and white flowered sisrinchium. At the time I took the photos the sisrinchium was closed up completely – it takes a while to open up in the morning.  Alyssum, Lychnis, Apple Geranium, Ixia, and some Dianthus came from the same garden and I added some roses from the second terrace: Gertrude Jeykll, a Strawberry Hill bud, and an un-named Rugosa.

gertrude Jekyl roses cur flowers

There is a bit of a nostalgic theme going on with the Crown Lynn jugs and the pot stand, in that they all date back to fifties New Zealand. My MIL gave me her old Crown Lynn dishes when I first came here years ago and I had a table with the Formica matching the pot stand.

Thanks again to Cathy at Rambling in the Gardening for hosting this meme, ‘In a Vase on Monday’.

7 thoughts on “Spring Posy in a Vase on Monday

  1. The colours are absolutely spot on with the jug – great choices Cath! The jugs are definitely 50s style – are they pottery or the melamine that a lot of tableware was by the 60s? I was really looking forward to seeing what spring flowers you had today (and I wasn’t disappointed) – meant to say what a pleasure it was to see the aquilegia last week as it’s easy to forget how early they start flowering. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Cathy! I noticed some lovely columbines in your collage of vases over the years. The jugs are pottery. Crown Lynn was an iconic NZ pottery which is now closed down.

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