In a Vase on Monday, one month apart

It’s a month since I brought home flowers. Time is ripping past and there is so much to do on the house, in the garden, and at work that there just doesn’t seem to be time.
fruit and flowers with pumpkin
But yesterday I decided to pick some Mother’s day flowers for a close friend.
So here are last month’s flowers and yesterday’s flowers.
fall flowers and pumpkinsChrysanthemums are flowering now, the last of the pumpkins are inside, and the anemones are almost gone.
anemone roses and dahlias cut flowersWeirdly, I found the first of the Paper Whites flowering yesterday – although the weather is unseasonably warm.

19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday, one month apart

  1. I agree your vase portraits are stunning with the props you use….like still life paintings. And strange to see pumpkins when my garden is just flowering. Your flowers and pictures are showing a wonderful autumn.

  2. Oh, my… that first photograph is beautiful. I actually thought it was a still life painting and had to look really close. Great composition and styling. And the flowers. They are just perfection.

    1. Thanks Christina! I bought a mixed pack of pumpkin seeds – which is always tempting and always a mistake, as there are some which don’t match any of the 4 varieties supposed to be in the pack and even the ones which sort of match are hard to tell apart. So far we have only eaten a couple and still prefer the Buttercup. I grew these other ones called climbing squash which are totally wild looking, like a big cobra. I think they may also be called ‘neck pumpkins’ because you can wrap them around your neck.

  3. The combination of roses, anemones and chrysanthemums looks most attractive – and what are the tiny yellow buttons? Strange to have narcissi appearing so so soon after all of these other blooms!

    1. The tiny yellow buttons are Tansy – I grew them because they are somehow supposed to keep wax moths away from the bees. A bit smelly though – that bouquet was a mixture of nice rose fragrance and pungent Tansy.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I love the blue and yellow. My favourite. I moved so no spring flowers for me. So terribly sad. So I am living vicariously through you.

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