In a Vase on Monday – Cupani Sweet Peas

I cut as many sweet peas as I could this morning to keep the flowers coming and had enough for vases for home and work and friends. It’s wonderful, although it made me a bit late for work.
sweet pea flower close up macro

Some of the sweet peas were planted directly into the soil last Autumn, and some came up by themselves from the year before. Both are growing well in composted soil.
vase of sweet peas
I still have these fabulous Anemones coming up in pots by the door, which are nice with the sweet peas, and I couldn’t resist the red and green buds of these dwarf gladioli.
vase of flowers anemones and sweet peas
Cupani sweet peas in Japanese Vase
Visit Rambling in the Garden to see other vases or to add your own.

24 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Cupani Sweet Peas

  1. Self-seeded sweet peas? They have certainly not self-seeeded here before, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t unless seedheads are cleared away before the seeds drop of course. Great to know you are taking some to work too they look wonderful ‘en masse’!

    1. I have had them self seed before, only in really nice soil. I think the seedlings sometimes get eaten by snails in winter. This one also got surrounded by self seeded violas – such a pretty accidental mixture that I took a photo which I will find and post.

    1. It is, especially in bud. I tried to look up a record of what it might be, but couldn’t find what it is. The full sized ones are falling all over the place this year – too much compost maybe.

  2. I’m sure everyone would understand why your were late for work! The scent must be amazing. I have my Cupani seeds all ready but I won’t be sowing for about 2 months. The gladioli are amazing colours.

  3. Those sweetpeas have really cheered me up – lovely colours. I grow them every year – I’ve not had alot of success with anemones but I love them so I’m going to persevere. It’s been freezing here in Manchester but I’ve still managed to find some hardy fuchsias for my vase 🙂 love bec xx

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