In a Vase on Monday, Citrus Colours

I have loved ‘citrus colours’ – lime green, orange, and lemon yellow since I was young, and as a student once went a whole year wearing lime green overalls with orange, red and pink underneath. For my vase today the first yellow daffodils contributed the lemon colour to the oranges, mandarins, and limes blown onto the ground after the storm on Friday.

daffodil and narcissus with oranges in trug

This didn’t feel like enough, so I added a yellow Dutch Iris bud, the first of the Avalanche Narcissus and the paler and taller Silver Chimes.

narcissus cut flowers and oranges

As the day went on I picked up more limes and finally a bunch of yellow wallflowers which had to be trimmed, now that I can widen the path where the olive tree fell down.

cut flowers narcissus wallflowers and citrus fruit

This made a nice full vase to take home and and a bud to watch as it opens.

yellow dutch iris bud with water droplets

I am definitely making Lime Ginger Marmalade this week, after weeks of having not enough time, giving away too many limes, or eating all the ginger. C has washed and sliced the limes using the mandolin, and they are soaking in a big bowl of water.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden was also picking up after a storm to make her vase today and you will find flowers from around the world there.

19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday, Citrus Colours

    1. Oh, I hope your storms brought welcome rain. We are at the stage where everything is muddy… The marmalade is done and it’s delicious. I will see if I can take some pictures tomorrow. 🙂

  1. Love the flowers…but love the thought that you have your own citrus fruit to make into marmalade. I have my other blog where I post recipes…a favourite of mine is lime and fig jam or marmelade…happy gardening and preserve making.

  2. Oh Lime Ginger Marmalade sounds gorgeous – my mouth is watering! Many years ago when I was a student in halls of reidence I somehow developed a passion for Rose’s Lime Marmalade, not quite sure how as It was something I bought myself and defintely something I had never had at home… 😉 And I love the citrussy vase too – such a refreshing vase 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing Cath

  3. Mmm, my mouth is watering! The smell of the marmalade cooking must be wonderful. Love the height that slim bud adds to your cheery vase this week! 🙂

  4. So fresh and pretty, that is a beautiful wallflower. I tend to buy mixed seed so what comes up is unpredictable but some are especially lovely. I’m envious of the limes, how fantastic to be able to grow them.

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