In a Vase on Monday, the big Dahlia

The vase this week is really just one flower, a gigantic Dahlia, with some Cosmos and Artemisa foliage for support and a few Salvia ‘Ember’s Wish’ flowers to echo the colour. The Dahlia had fallen right over and the bloom was at a strange angle so I wrapped some soft green garden wire around it to hold it up. I think this is supposed to be Akita, so I assume that the twisty petals are a result of having fallen over rather than by design.

dahlia cut flower
Despite the hot weather, the wind came up as I went to take my photos, so I moved into the greenhouse. I wasn’t happy with the photo but it was just too hot to spend more time. I picked some Sweet Peas as well for another tiny vase, and decided to leave a few on and start setting some seed for next year

Tomatoes and potatoes, beans and zucchinis are all starting to come in droves, and the kumaras are already being attacked by pheasants and needing protection, so it’s been a busy weekend. I also received my Flow Hive, and started a new bit of garden next to its location. I’ll post a photo later in the week.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday, the big Dahlia

  1. That is a huge dahlia but beautiful. I smiled when I saw your title as I succumbed last week and bought a whole basket of dahlia tubers from my local DIY store, the only place locally that sells bulbs etc. I like the foliage you’ve added to the vase, it works well.

    1. Thanks Christina. The Dahlias I bought this year have certainly been amazing value – big strong plants and tons of flowers. It was quite fun to have some I would never have chosen in the mixed bag, and others like the Akita look entirely different than I expected.

  2. I do like your ‘bad hair day’ dahlia, Cath, and the salvia flowers and the foliage set it off perfectly – good to be able to use ‘damaged goods’!! Um – and what is a Flow Hive…?

    1. Hi Cathy, I like that ‘Ember’s Wish’ Salvia. I’ve posted some pictures of the Flow Hive now and a link to the website and videos. I’ve been waiting since this time (ish) last year, it is a new type of hive launched with a ‘Kickstarter’ type of thing which was a big success, and has taken a while to get all the processes sorted out and orders filled.

  3. The close-up photo in your header certainly does that dahlia justice, Cath! That’s one gorgeous flower. Like Cathy, I’m wondering what a flow hive is but I look forward to learning about it next week.

    1. Thanks Shrub Queen 🙂 Kumaras are the Kiwi name for sweet potatoes and what I think you call Yams in the US. I’m growing 2 types, one which is an old one called Rekarewa and one which is a gold kumara, sort of half way between a yam and the dryer sweet potatoes. Right now the Rekarewa is winning since it runs everywhere growing roots randomly, so the pheasants can’t dig one hole and get the whole lot. There are a few flow hive pics in my new post. I will take more this weekend, I hope.

  4. The hot days and beautiful cactus dahlia sound wonderful in the wintertime here, a dream of summer to come. Beautiful flower, and I like the silvery grey leaves too, Cath.

    1. Thank you Hannah. The grey leaves are Artemisia Powis Castle. It’s a very easy and just has to be pruned when it looks like smothering its neighbours – so perfect for adding to vases.

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