Flow Hive Arrival

Here it is, the Flow Hive. Much anticipated and even better than expected, complete with a plaque on the side saying ‘Founding Supporter’ and a matching hat. The hive has a whole different way of harvesting the honey, invented and improved over the last 10 years and launched with an Indigogo campaign last year.

C and his father were very impressed with the quality of  the kitset – materials, construction and instructions.

flow hive close up

A special platform has been built for it and a friend of a friend has been asked for help with getting bees and instruction on how to keep them healthy.

My photos are celebratory rather than explanatory, so I will direct you to the website for the full story and videos showing how it works at http://www.honeyflow.com.




6 thoughts on “Flow Hive Arrival

    1. Me too, I’ve just heard from the bee person and he has 4 frames with a happy queen and brood looking for a home! Very very very excited! We could have bees by the weekend!

  1. Oh good luck with that. Ours are doing well, but still building out the super – getting ready for Winter. We had some issues with ants so added legs – I’ll post a picture.

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