Sweet Peas, a new start – in a vase on Monday

The first day back at work after the holiday, always a slight shock. I carefully picked all the sweet peas before I left so that they will make more while I am away. I’ve included silver and gold coins for a prosperous New Year, with the Endeavour on top.

sweet peas in japanese kutani vasenew zealand coins

Last week’s Dahlia and Chive buds and a Scabiosa were recycled and a few bits of Lavender ‘Arabian Nights’ extended the purples which are few and far between in my ‘Antique Spice’ mix. The vase is Japanese Kutani ware bought in an online auction.

sweet peas antique spicesweet pea and scabiosa

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden has created a teeny vase of extra early Spring flowers this week. Swing on over there to be inspired by the vases and flowers or join in and add your own.

24 thoughts on “Sweet Peas, a new start – in a vase on Monday

  1. It is wonderful to see your summer flowers; the joy of blogging is being reminded that it is summer on the other side of the world. Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers but I’ve never had any luck with them so it really is lovely to see yours. I hope your working week is stress free.

    1. Thanks Christina, it is joyful getting to vicariously experience the highlights of climates and seasons all at the same time. I do struggle with Sweet Peas (and ordinary peas) but it’s worth it when I get even partial success. It’s getting much easier this year with a good supply of compost.

  2. Your sweet peas are a breath of fresh air, so lovely Cath. The coins add a nice touch to the vignette. (Had to go read about Endeavour. Loved seeing the US space shuttle in Los Angeles named after Cook’s Endeavour. Somehow I hadn’t connected the name before.) Have a good week.

    1. Thanks! I haven’t read much about the Endevour myself, just picked up bit and pieces here and there. It seemed to suit my feelings about the coming year.

  3. Oh, when I opened your post and saw sweet peas, it brought on a feeling of warmth. The other blue flowers especially the lavender bring something extra, and I am just imaging the sweet fragrance. Happy New Year.

  4. Yes, lovely to see your sweet peas – and a what a pretty range of shades too. I am trying some ‘winter flowering’ ones this year, which I hope might be in flower in the greenhouse by the end of April…

    1. Oh that’s exciting, I will look forward to hearing how that goes. There is someone here who has bred some especially for hotter climates I think. (Keith Hammett) I would like to try these.

  5. I love the sweet peas! I planted seeds in September here only to have the raccoons destroy the seedlings with their digging. I’ve put in more seeds – along with chicken wire – in the hope of seeing some flowers in spring. Best wishes with your workplace re-entry!

    1. Thanks Kris,
      I have had a lot of trouble with sweet peas as well, although not with raccoons thank goodness. This year I think the reasons for relative success were that I got them in early and in good soil. However I also planted them under one of those wire teepee things and based on your experience that may have helped to prevent rabbits etc from disturbing them. I also put them somewhere where I would see and remove weeds before they were too big.

    1. I’m glad it made you happy 🙂 It’s an odd thing about imagining scent, for me it’s much harder than imagining a visual or tactile experience.

  6. It’s so great to see the lovely frilly sweet peas and imagine their sweet fragrance. I’ve been inspired to try to grow some this year so maybe need to start them soon.

    1. I haven’t noticed the bumble bees much on the sweet peas, on reflection most likely because I keep cutting off all the flowers. It is lovely to be in summer.

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