In a Vase on Monday – Abundance

cut flowers dahlia eveline sweet peas scabiosa

Abundance – lots of flowers, lots of bees and other insects, caterpillars, sun and rain. It’s been a wonderful start to summer, mostly sunny but with almost 2 inches of rain in the last week bringing the corn up and another flush of flowers on the peas.

hollyhocks cut flowerspenstemon hidcote pink
Blue Scabiosa and Penstemon ‘Hidcote Pink’, Salvia guaranitica ‘Blue Enigma’, Scarlet Runner Beans, Geum Borsii, Artemisia, Hollyhocks and Chives are the main ingredients for the pitcher.

sweet peas cut flower

The Sweet Peas are Antique Spice. I love the scent although in a vase I think it’s better mixed with Roses.

dahlia in Graham Storm vasedahlia eveline cut flower

The Dahlias are Eveline, which are new for me this year and are Strong and tall and covered with flowers. The Rose is Lichfield Angel, still producing flowers one at a time. The little green vase is by Graeme Storm.

Pop over to Rambling in the Garden to see more flowers and vases.



7 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Abundance

    1. Thanks Kris, I’m trying to cut the Sweet Peas as much as possible while I’m here, and they are a very pastel mix, which was what started me on the pastel colours today.

  1. Your Dahlias are splendiferous, Cath! It’s so amazing to see your lovely flowers now with snow and cold here. The sweet pea flowers must smell heavenly, I’m inspired to grow some this year, so I can’t wait!

    1. Hi Hannah, the Sweet Peas do smell lovely. I often don’t get them planted in time for them to get good growth before it gets hot and dry. I’ve found a source of Cupani sweet pea seed which is supposed to be the original best smelling one so I’m hoping to plant them next year.

  2. It is lovely to share your abundance, the delicate colours shout late spring/early summer. I did smile though when you spoke about it being early summer when many of us in the northern hemisphere are kidding ourselves that it is nearly spring (of course winter is only just beginning), at least it shows a positive frame of mind.

    1. It’s good bring a gardener, since you know that once the days start getting longer you can start thinking about seeds and it’s only a couple months until you can start planting.

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