In a Vase on Monday – new Vase

I got a new vase this week, I’m thrilled to bits with it. It’s by  glass blower Gary Nash, one of the Murrini series, which he started in the 80’s, which have the little flowery bits embedded in them. I bought it on Trade Me, which is a bit like Ebay, lucky me.

iceberg rose in Gary Nash vase

I had imagined Poppies or Geum but in the end I picked some nice scented flowers for the table. The combination of stock and Iceberg Roses is a lovely scent. The white frondy flower I think is Thalictrum delavayi. Apparently the common name is Meadow Rue but I’ve never heard anyone call it that.

stock & thalictrum in vase

rose in Gary Nash Vase


Join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for more vases full of flowers.

21 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – new Vase

  1. Gorgeous vase, and lovely contents too – I haven’t got any pure white roses like this but am beginning to think I should… The wild thalictrum is meadow rue and not as pretty as this variety – also hard to get rid of, I can assure you! I bought some named varieties in the autumn though, including a white one like this and checked that they weren’t invasive before I bought them!

    1. Oh I see! We don’t have the wild one I guess. This one is doing well in its second year, growing in the shade. It seems too delicate to be invasive – small chance of competing with the really robust weeds which keep going all winter when it doesn’t – however famous last words 🙂

  2. Oh! I like your vase a lot and the beautiful white flowers. I love white and I’ve bought many more packs of seed of white varieties to sow in spring. The vase compliments them but is gorgeous on its own I would think.

    1. Thanks Christina, it is lovely on its own and is possibly meant to be that way, like some of the little weed pots. I think it will be nice with Geum and Forget-me-nots and maybe Scabiosa.
      White is so variable in the garden, sometimes it disappears, and then at dusk it really glows. I started to list my white
      summer flowers and there are more than I expected

  3. The bright little embedded flowers would be fun to match, but the white flowers are so gorgeous with the swirled frosty glass, Cath. Sometimes those auctions get away at the last moment, very lucky!

    1. Thanks Hannah, it will be fun to pick up the bright red and blue in the little flowers. next time. Yes there were several people bidding and extending the auction, very stressful 🙂

  4. Ann @ Ann Edwards Photography

    I can imagine the scent must be divine and I adore white flowers. The vase is pretty too – what a great find!

    1. I seem to be getting quite a few more white flowers this year, having gradually added them without really planning to do so. They do seem to hold together as a group rather than standing out individually in the garden, which makes for a more cohesive effect.

    1. I am a great fan too. It’s only the second year I have had it and it’s really coming into its own this year. The stocks do smell lovely. It’s one of my favourite scents.

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