Bee Favourites in Spring

October started with the Pride of Madiera (Echium candicans) covered with tall blue spikes of flowers where bumble bees and honey bees got happy together. At the same time the Lemonwood (Pittosporum eugenioides) was literally humming with honeybees as well.

bee on pittosporum
bumble bee on echium candicansbee in echium

bee on echium candicans

Cistus ‘Bennet’s White’ which was such a favourite in September was replaced by Cistus ‘Yellow Fever’, a startlingly yellow plant when all the flowers are open.

yellow fever cistus with honey beebumble bee on cistus yellow feverbee with pollen on cistus yellow feverbee pollen on yellow cistus

Perennial wallflowers, especially Erysimum ‘Pastel Patchwork’ continued in their blooming and their popularity with bumble bees.

4 thoughts on “Bee Favourites in Spring

  1. So delightful to see your flowers! I esp. love Echium candicans, but being a tropical, I can’t grow it. I’ve seen it in California. A gorgeous plant!
    It fills my heart with joy to see blossoms filled with bees on this cold November day here where scenes like this are just a dream!

    1. I’m so happy that they bring you joy. It’s nice for me to imagine the crisp smells of snow and woodsmoke and rotting leaves when seeing your photos, especially when it’s humid and warm here in town.

    1. It’s a lovely plant, the one in the picture is about 4 years old. For me they grow like mad for about 3 years and then fade away. This one is growing in sandy soil which may be why it’s lasted longer.

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