In a Vase on Monday – More Spring Flowers

I made two vases this week, a tall angular one and a fluffy wide one.

Daffodils and Iris cut flowers

The Iris and Daffodils made a more formal and almost stiff arrangement. It felt a little out of place at home so I took it into work.

Coral Bells and Hidcote Pink Penstemon, a creamy pale pink daffodil, and reddish purples of Columbine and Linaria mixed with soft blues of Forget-me-Not and Lupins in the milk jug and Jasmine and Freesias for scent make a very informal vase which I like.

coral bells and forget-me-nots

jasmine and penstemon cut flowers

More flowers and vases can be found over at Rambling in the Garden.

8 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – More Spring Flowers

  1. Your angular vase really does shout ‘early spring’ with those beautiful bulbs and your clever work with the leaves, whereas the softer one quietly says ‘bounty’… Both lovely, so thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I think the angular one will last longer. The weather has heated up a bit here lately so the flowers are not lasting as well as in winter when they are sitting in a cold house all day.

  2. I LOVE your creations – beautiful! Are you a professional? They look wonderful. I love the old-fashioned profusion of blooms in the first, but also the modern, styled look of the second. So nice to see your spring blooms as we head into fall. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m definitely not a pro. I’m grateful that this meme has given me a new way to enjoy my garden and a new way of learning about different flowers and plants from people like yourself.

    1. That’s something to look forward to! I’ve posted a picture of Tiger Eye, which I am going out to label now. They are so robust as well as so beautiful. I love the really dark purple ones too.

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