Everything good all together

C helped me collect flowers as we went for a walk yesterday evening, so we have ended up with a hotchpotch or ‘everything good all together’ as he called it. There is no theme or colour scheme, just everything that either of us thought was looking pretty at the time.

I started with the Tangerine Wallflowers. There is a brown and maroon element with the orange which I like and C isn’t sure about, especially as they make such a dense clump of flowers.

Cut flowers wallflowers mignonette

There are some penstemons; the lavender Alice Hindley and the first stem of the dark purple which I think is Burford Purple. More wall flowers: Bowles Mauve and Pastel Patchwork along with Freesias and Mignonette which smell lovely as well. There are White Tea Tree (Manuka) and the double flowered dark pink Leptospermum along with Dutch Iris, quite a few stems of Lavender, some Phlomis about to come out, a Daffodil Éclat and a few Blue Lupin flowers and Borage and the first pink Columbine.

Cut flowers penstemon daffodils

From last week’s vase the rose hips are still good, but the Poppies and Freesias are gone. From the week before the Flannel Flowers and Leucodendron are still going strong and a couple of Hellebores are still there.


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13 thoughts on “Everything good all together

    1. Thank you. I planted 400 daffodils this year, and I would like to do the same again next year – it really helps to tie the garden together at this time of year when there are quite a few bare and messy looking areas.

  1. It’s lovely to see your spring flowers, the tangerine wallflowers really enliven them and make a nice echo with the wide trumpet of the daffodil. The Penstemons have a lovely two-tone presence too.

  2. Love the Spring colours in your vase! It’s a lovely eclectic mixture! We are going into Autumn here in England, so colours are very different! Lovely to find a NZ garden blog, as we visited your country last March, adn I am intending to plant a little NZ corner in my garden! Popping in as part of my 300 blog comments in 30 days.

    1. Thanks for popping in! I will be interested to see your NZ corner. I love Autumn colours. I’m growing Liquid Ambers and Ginkgo Biloba which give good colour here.

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