canna cut flowers And fuchsia Gartenmeister

In a Vase on Easter Monday – Cannas and Cows

Well, first of all I have to admit to being wrong about bees and Jerusalem Artichokes. We had another storm and quite a few of the tall flowers were blown over, including one of the Cannas in my vase. With the Jerusalem Artichokes at a height I can see, and possibly now that they are more developed, they are attracting all sorts of creatures.

jerusalem artichoke flower wih 3 bees

Including lots of bees.

bee in jerusalem artichoke flower

jerusalem artichokes in autumn sun

So, anyway, I’ve picked a fallen over Canna, ‘Australia’, which has dark purple leaves and a Canna Indica warszewiczii which has dark purple stems and green leaves, and some of the stalwart Fuschia ‘Gartenmeister Bonstedt’  which has been flowering since before Christmas. It has purple stems and the backs of the leaves are purple, although that’s not very evident in the photo. While I was taking the photo in the last of the light the neighbour’s cows came up to have a good look while eating their dinner, and a couple volunteered to be Easter cows.  So then I got distracted by them and ran out of light entirely and had to come inside.

canna and fuscia cut flowers

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts this meme.


Treats for Bees in Late Spring – November

Bumble Bees were going for pink in November, diving into the big fluffy ‘Fire Circle’ Poppies and the Foxglove ‘Strawberry Merton’ and disappearing, coming out of the foxgloves powdery with pollen.

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Dierama Angels Fishing Rod White

Favourite plants at the end of September – Angel’s Fishing Rod and Mignonette

It’s Springtime, so I have so many favourites it’s hard to choose. All month I’ve been loving Freesias and Daffodils and Iris and the Plum blossom. Lately the White flowered Angel’s Fishing Rod has been waving beautifully in the wind and the Mignonette is smelling very sweet and is attracting bees.

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