More Sweet Scent: Michelia Bubbles

I think this small tree is now classed as a magnolia, and the lemony scent is reminiscent of a Magnolia grandiflora but much stronger. The one near our front door is covered with bloom and gusts of scent come in every time the door is opened. Inside as cut flowers, the scent isn’t overpowering the way some strongly scented flowers can be. The only downside is that the blooms are often damaged by winter storms, browning and creasing the blossoms. My complaining about the unseasonably warm weather last week has been rewarded by just such a storm, finally giving us the needed frosty weather, but leaving me with flowers which are not quite perfect.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, for hosting this meme, and for having a vase on Monday in addition to opening her garden to the public this week.

6 thoughts on “More Sweet Scent: Michelia Bubbles

  1. Fragrant plants are such a boon, and one next to your front door is a great asset. I love the little hint of green at the base of the petals of those in your vase and would love to reach out and cup that tactile vase in my hands. Thanks for sharing, Cath

    1. It is lovely to have a scented plant next to the door, although I have made the mistake of planting a rose too close to the door and created a hazard which I can’t bear to lose but is hated by anyone who gets caught in its stabby arms.

      1. Could you discreetly pull the offending parts in a little, Cath? I have had to pull in branches and stems of things that overhang the paths, especially for our open days

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