In a Vase on Monday – Dahlias Again

I know this is repetitive, but the Akita Dahlias are doing amazingly well, and I had to rescue them from the lawnmower chewing them up for flopping onto the path. Here are a few different ages of flower, mixed with the dark red dahlias rescued from the dump. You can see how they get more yellow as they age, losing the contrast between the creamy tips of the petals and the dark base.
Red Dahlias in a vase

The ‘tropical’ weather is bringing another ex-cyclone near to us tomorrow. Certainly the rainy hot weather has been good for the dahlias and lots of other plants. The pumpkins are taking over space at a great rate.
Dahlia bud AkitaREd Dahlia Flower
Thanks to Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for tirelessly hosting IAVOM. This week there are exquisite early Spring flowers showing up in vases in the Northern Hemisphere.

25 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Dahlias Again

  1. Ali

    Those are stunning. Brilliant photography too. And I love your vase! Thank you for helping us in the Northern hemisphere look forward to summer.

  2. You never need to apologise for showing us your dahlias, they’re gorgeous. Plus as Ali says it makes us in the northern hemisphere realise that it is summer somewhere else in the world and will be again here too.

  3. Such striking beauties! I’m Southern Hemisphere, but in drought. The earth has greened up with recent rain, but blooms are scare still, so I am enjoying your dahlias very very much! Feel free to send extra rain our direction!

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    I never tire of seeing dahlias. These are indeed beautiful and you had so many to put into the vase. It is grand. Happy IAVOM.

  5. Dahlias from the dump? Had someone thrown out the plants, or the tubers or what? Well rescued, and like everyone else is going to say, just keep on showing us your dahlias – we certainly don’t mind! Thanks for sharing your contrasting blooms each week, Cath

  6. I’m looking forward to using lots of Dahlias in future IaVoM posts from the new cutting garden that I put in this past fall, up here in the Pacific Northwest. The one you’ve featured here is a beauty, and much appreciated by cold, snowy gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere.

    1. It seems to have passed our area with no damage, a bit more down South. Dahlias are from Mexico I think. Do you think it’s too hot or too humid where you are?

      1. Oh, they were initially grown as food, and if I leave any above ground they often get partly eaten, but they don’t seem to be popular enough to dig for with the birds and rodents here. I thought armadillos ate Ants.

  7. I enjoy seeing the flowers at different stages of their bloom cycle – they look wonderful together. You’re getting me excited about planting my tubers in preparation for summer blooms here on the other side of the world.

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