In a Vase on Monday – Roses in Winter

Wow, last year at this time I had tulips and hyacinths, no roses in sight. The tulips are still only small, and daily being eaten by a stoat, I think. So there may be none at all at this rate.

While much of the country has had record snow falls last week and some are still without power, we didn’t even have a frost, which was nice for the new twin lambs frisking around the next door paddock. There must have been strong winds though, and the olive branches in my vase are from the olive tree which was on the ground when we arrived.

Bumblebee on rose Gertrude JeykllRose Gertrude Jeykll with bumble bee

The Lavender ‘Sidonie’ in the background of the vase was hosting several bumblebee queens feeding in the sun, and a few of them briefly investigated both the Gertrude Jekyll and the Strawberry Hill roses.

cut flowers english roses Strawberry Hill Gertrude Jeykll

It’s a beautifully scented vase, with Narcissus Erlicheer as well as Narcissus Silver Chimes, new this year and very sweet although these two are a bit damaged and a little short for this  vase.

narcissus Silver Chimes

The purple buds are Penstemon, it could be Alice Hindly or a darker purple.

English rose Gertrude Jeykll cut flower

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who has a pink collection this week containing flowers shared by other Monday Vase makers and bloggers.

14 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Roses in Winter

  1. Gosh, WHAT a variation you have with your weather down there! It makes fascinating reading – alongside the amazing combinations it produces in your garden, like roses and narcissi! 🙂 Such a pretty little vase of blooms – which we wouldn’t see anywhere else, I suspect, so thank you for sharing!

    1. The Olive tree was completely broken – I brought it on myself by planting a pot bound tree and then digging a path beside it – it just didn’t have the root structure to support itself in a big wind. I can widen the path now so it’s an ill wind…

    1. Thank you! It’s quite often surprising to me – I was thinking that being an Absent Gardener is generally full of surprises since things happen while I am away.

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