In a Vase on Monday Winter Scent

The first Dutch Iris bloomed amid alternating rain and sun this weekend. Something is digging up my tulips and eating them one by one, so I’m glad that the irises are so far untouched.

iris and narcissus erlicheer

Beautifully scented, the vase of Iris, Narcissus ‘Erlicheer’, Lavender ‘Sidonie’, and Erysimum still seemed a little sparse. One of the things I like best is watching the flowers open and change through the week, which means some of them need to be unopened buds.

cut flowers spring bulbs

So I added branches of buds of the strongly scented and beautiful Michelia ‘Bubbles’, which may open if they don’t fall off first. They are quite fragile, usually damaged within days by wind and rain outside, but still creating noticeable wafts of scent.

michelia bubbles flowers

I also made a tiny vase with two little Cynoglossum flowers. I love the colour of these but hesitate to pick too many while it’s Winter in case the bees need them.


At Rambling in the Garden this week Cathy has beautiful and sweetly scented sweet peas.

16 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday Winter Scent

    1. Thank you! I think the intruder may be a stoat – the rats have never eaten tulips before. They are in pots so I may have to cover them with wire.

  1. What a creamy coloured confection this is, and the blooms seem to spiral in the vase – a great effect. Love that little blue bottle!Thanks for sharing

  2. Deliciously refreshing…superb pictures, and I completely side with you about removing flowers from the bees. I have been amazed at the large bumblebees that can weigh down the lips of the snapdragons and go and have a forage inside.

    1. So true, I’ve been photographing bumble bee queens on the Sidonie Lavender – they almost end up upside down at times as the stems bend over.

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